Frank Costello Net Worth

Frank Costello Net Worth

Frank Costello is one of the most notorious Italian mafia lords. He was the head of the Italian Mafia and controlled a vast gambling empire throughout the United States. Costello was born on January 26, 1891, in Italy. He married Lauretta Giegerman in 1918.

Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha

Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, aka El Mexicano, is a Colombian drug lord. He was born in Pacho, Colombia in 1947 and became one of the leaders of the Medellin Cartel. Along with Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa brothers, Rodriguez Gacha was recognized as one of the world’s most powerful drug dealers. In 1988, Forbes Magazine put Rodriguez’s fortune at $1.3 billion.

In his heyday, Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha was estimated to be worth $5 billion. Gacha was the second-wealthiest founding member of the Medellin cartel. He was credited with developing the use of well-placed Mexican ranches for the smuggling of drugs from Colombia. Paul Castellano, however, died in 1985 of multiple gunshot wounds. While it’s impossible to pin down the exact amount of money Jose Gacha and Frank Costello were worth at the time of their deaths, it’s believed that their combined net worth was at least $20 million.

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