Fritz Draexlmaier

Fritz Draexlmaier – One of This Year’s Most Influential People Under 30

Fritz Draexlmaier is an award-winning business leader known for his innovation and integrity. His company, Draexlmaier Holding AG, specializes in designing and producing wiring harness systems, central electronic components, interiors and low and high voltage battery systems for premium vehicles.

Family-owned, this tier-1 supplier boasts Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar Land Rover Maserati Mercedes-Benz Porsche Tesla as customers. Production facilities can be found in Romania Moldova Serbia and FYR Macedonia.

Early Life and Education

Fritz Draxlmaier is an esteemed figure in the automotive industry. His company specializes in interiors for many of the world’s leading carmakers and his devotion to high-quality design and innovation has cemented him a leadership position within his field.

Fritz was founded in 1958 after Hans Glas GmbH placed an order for wiring harnesses for the Goggomobil, a microcar produced by Hans Glas GmbH. Over time, Lisa Draxlmaier GmbH and Eldra Kunststofftechnik GmbH became key production subsidiaries within his empire.

Draxlmaier rapidly expanded its global presence during the late 1990s. Their first foreign production subsidiary was opened in Tunisia; two years later they opened new production facilities in both America and Mexico as well as Hungary and Romania.

Professional Career

Fritz Draexlmaier revolutionized the automotive industry with his groundbreaking combination of cutting-edge technology with luxurious design. His company, Draexlmaier Group, supplies interior systems to some of the world’s premier auto manufacturers as well as supporting educational and charitable initiatives.

Family-owned tier-one supplier ABB Automotive Systems GmbH specializes in electrical and interior systems for premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Operating 58 factories across 22 countries globally, ABB is one of Germany’s largest producers of car components.

Draxlmaier established production subsidiaries throughout Eastern Europe during the early 1990s, first in Crossen and then Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Later, an operation was set up in Mexico; by 1998 Draxlmaier produced complete interiors as a system supplier for BMW 7 Series vehicles and soon after for Mercedes CL Coupe vehicles.

Achievement and Honors

Fritz Draexlmaier’s auto parts manufacturer serves BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz and Maserati among its customer list. Their specialty lies in wiring harnesses which run throughout a vehicle to connect electrical components while relaying data and power.

Draxlmaier rapidly expanded its production subsidiaries to low-cost countries like Romania during the early 1990s. A vehicle electric systems development center was also opened during this time, along with new production plants in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Draxlmaier created the world’s first door panel made with visible natural fiber in 2011. This innovative innovation debuted for use on BMW i3. In 2012, Draxlmaier set up production facilities in both Shenyang and Kavadarci in North Macedonia to manufacture high-voltage harnesses and battery systems for electric cars.

Personal Life

Fritz Draxlmaier is the founder and owner of Draexlmaier Group, a car electronics manufacturer which produces electrical systems and interior components. Their state-of-the-art automobile interiors combine advanced technology and luxurious design. Fritz’s dedication to environmental responsibility and charitable giving sets him apart from other business leaders.

At its founding, Hans Glas GmbH was known for manufacturing Goggomobil microcars featuring wiring harnesses manufactured by his parents’ family-owned business in 1958. Specialty of Hans Glas GmbH’s family-run enterprise is creating wiring harnesses to connect electrical components within vehicles while relaying data and power.

Today, the company operates production sites in over 20 countries around the globe. Along with Germany, factories can also be found in the US and Mexico as well as China, Romania, Tunisia and South Africa.

Net Worth

Three people under 30 made our list this year: Pedro de Godoy Bueno inherited his fortune from his father; John Collison is cofounder of online payment processing service Stripe; and Fritz Draexlmaier’s daughter Lisa has seen her net worth soar since becoming sole owner of her auto parts manufacturing firm – Fritz Draexlmaier Co & KG is an automotive supplier that provides wiring harness systems, central electrical components and interiors as well as low and high voltage battery systems for electric vehicles worldwide.

Fritz’s parents established her firm in Vilsbiburg, Germany in 1958 and it now spans 58 sites on four continents, serving BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Land Rover Maserati Mercedes-Benz Porsche Tesla among its clients. Fritz officially retired as CEO early 2019 but remains as chairman and representative of shareholders’ interests.

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