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FurZapper – A New Way to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes

Retailers are noticing a new fur-zapper. Shark Tank investor Lori Ross invested in the company, and the company is now generating millions of dollars in revenue each year. The company has also secured partnerships from Petland, Amazon, and Walmart. The product has been featured in multiple media outlets, including the NY Post, Southern Living, and Forbs.

The FurZapper was created by Michael Sweigart, an award-winning inventor. Sweigart started his business career at Michael J. Motto Internet as a sales manager. He was also pursuing a BA in business. Then, in 2010, he launched Purpose Advertising, the parent company of FurZapper. The 2 PK FurZapper Pet Hair Removal is currently the best-selling product on Amazon. 41% of its users give it a 5-star rating. The product was recently featured in the New York Post and has received multiple awards.

FurZapper is a reusable device that removes pet hair from clothes. It sticks to the inside of your washing machine with a flexible surface. It is safe and can easily be used up to a thousand times. It is highly recommended to use in a washer and dryer. It can also be used to fill the dryer’s lint trap. The FurZapper will save you a lot of money on cleaning your clothes and bedding.

The FurZapper uses a special material to provide a tacky and flexible surface to stick to pet fur. It sticks to a surface and releases hair when you press it. It does not stick to the surface like traditional lint rollers. FurZapper’s unique shape is engineered to provide maximum performance. It is sized to fit in between clothing and provide the maximum surface area. It is small but effective in removing pet hairs.

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