Furby Mcdonalds

McFurbys – Happy Meals at McDonald’s

McFurbys are the furry toys distributed in Happy Meals at McDonald’s. McFurbys are based upon the Furby toys line from 1998. When you press their stomachs, the toys will perform different actions. There are six varieties of McFurbys. In the United Kingdom, McFurbys were sold from March 26, 1999 to April 22, 2000. These toys are not the only McFurbys products. There are also plush McFurby dolls. These plush dolls are large for a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy.

Tiger Electronics produces a variety of Furbys, each with different body types and color combinations. The McDonald’s Furbys are not electronic, but they still make growling noises and move their ears and feet. There is even a McDonald’s version that comes with a keychain.

The original retail price of a Furby is $35, but demand for them spiked during the 1998 Christmas season. Many were sold on eBay and in newspaper advertisements for over $100. The toys’ inflated prices were due to their rarity and apparent intelligence. Some Furbies can even develop language skills.

The new Furbies have even more advanced capabilities. The new Furby features LCD eyes and expressive movement. It also comes with its own app for iOS and Android. The app allows you to personalize your furbys and interact with them. Some Furbies can even be preprogrammed with personalities that can vary from model to model. However, the app will be removed from mobile app stores by 2021.

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