Gay Spongebob Meme

Gay SpongeBob Meme

After twenty-one years on Nickelodeon, SpongeBob fans are finally getting their wish: a gay SpongeBob! Stephen Hillenburg, creator of the series, passed away last year due to complications from ALS. After decades of controversy, the show finally has a queer icon. And it’s time that Nickelodeon embraced the LGBTQ+ community and includes more LGBTQ+ characters!

SpongeBob has been controversial for years, and the recent announcement by Nickelodeon that he’s gay has led to a heated debate on the issue. Some fans have praised the move while others accuse Nickelodeon’s virtue signalling. Others believe that Hillenburg intended Spongebob to be an asexual character. Spongebob fans responded to the news with memes, satire and other humor.

SpongeBob-inspired memes have developed a distinct culture. Although the character is becoming more mainstream, they are not being used to spread extremist ideologies. This is partly because SpongeBob was originally created by a marine biologist, who later turned to animation.

Many SpongeBob memes originated as internet in-jokes and jokes. Popular examples include the frequent reply “No, this is Patrick!” in forum discussions, and the fun YouTube quirk of spinning Handsome Squidward to music. The Handsome Squidward trend peaked around the year 2013.

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