George Bungarda

George Bungarda – Evening at Ricks Art Print Poster 24 X 36

George Bungarda is an American artist renowned for his bold and captivating artwork. He created many iconic paintings, such as this Evening at Rick’s poster.

This George Bungarda art print is expertly hand-mounted to a 3/8″ solid wood backing board for an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic. Detailed with beveled edges and finished in black for added durability, it provides the perfect finishing touch to your piece.

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Professional Career

George Bungarda may not have held an academic post as a professor of art, but he still managed to carve out an impressive professional and avocational career. He was responsible for creating the iconic Bungarda brand, was proud member of the Academy of Art & Design, and championed art for years. Additionally, George was known as “King of Nightclubs,” making him truly unique among nightclub patrons.

Personal Life

George Bungarda’s works are known for their captivating designs that can be displayed in any home. This Evening at Ricks Art Print Poster 24 X 36 would look great in your dorm room or college apartment as it features iconic entertainers like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean. Crafted with wood mounting for a clean look, it’s handcrafted in the USA and comes with free shipping including mounting hardware.

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