George Bunt

George Bunt

George Bunt was an American sportsman who played in the Major Leagues. He is a retired third baseman.

He was born in 1860 and passed away in 1934. He is interred at Milberta/Kers+ Cemetery, Temiskaming, Ontario, Canada.

Early Life and Education

George Bunt was born in Delhi, Pennsylvania in 1835 to a household full of accomplished individuals. His father and brother had both played an integral role in the founding of their respective towns – cities which would later bear their names as well. His father’s greatest achievement was his outstanding service to the public during the Great Fire of 1735 and Indian Wars that would remain in his heart forever. His mother followed in his footsteps with equally remarkable accomplishments. Her ten children were all well-rounded and well-adjusted adults, their parents being among the most patriotic citizens in the county. All these deeds were rewarded by a plentiful diet of homegrown produce as well as plenty of family love.

Professional Career

George Bunt’s professional career was relatively brief. He played one season of minor-league ball for the San Jose Bees of the Class-A California League in 1972.

He also had a brief tenure with the Royals in 1973, but left early to start his family.

George was an avid football fan as a teenager, playing quarterback for his high school team.

However, he could never match up to his elder brother Ken – a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

John and Bobby later got into the sport as well, with John playing in some Class-A games during 1968 while Bobby having a one-season minor league stint in 1972.

Achievements and Honors

George Bunt is an acclaimed actor with numerous accomplishments and honors throughout his career. He won several awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture or Television Series for his role in The Social Network.

He has received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for his work with AmeriCorps, as well as recognition for his philanthropic activities and commitment to Chapman University which earned him the Bert C. Williams Lifetime Service Award.

Since his appearances on Broadway, he has appeared in three shows. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician, having played piano, violin, saxophone and flute. With an extensive record collection, his musical interests span rock music, jazz music and classical; he’s even written and performed several songs himself!

Personal Life

George Bunt was a director of multiple businesses and served on the boards of non-profit organizations.

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