George Burkhardt

George Burkhardt Biography

George Burkhardt is one of the eminent historians of the 19th century. His 1860 work The Civilization of Renaissance Italy remains one of the most influential interpretations of Italy’s Renaissance ever written.

While acknowledging the Renaissance as a time when art, philosophy and politics came together to create new ways of living, he expressed reservations about how such changes might impact modern man’s sense of identity.

Early Life and Education

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George Burkhardt was born in Germany on March 11, 1844 to Johann Andreas Burkhardt and Eva Maria Magdalena Burkhardt (nee Sessler). On November 1st of that same year he wed Susan Burkhardt at their marriage site in Ohio, USA.

Professional Career

George Burkhardt is an acclaimed professional artist renowned for his intricate paintings that utilize marks and textures to form complex compositions.

His latest series explores the potential of portraiture within abstract mark making. Drawing inspiration from pareidolia, he reimagines traditional forms and shapes as faces that are difficult to perceive.

He also experiments with the algorithmic function of facial recognition software, creating paintings that have an uneasy relationship to their signifiers.

Burkhardt is an accomplished painter, writer and screenwriter. His credits include writing for NBC’s Smash and developing projects for CBS Studios and Flower Films. Currently living in Los Angeles with his two children, he enjoys golfing and spending quality time with his family when not at work.

Achievements and Honors

George Burkhardt made a lasting impact on the offshore oil and gas industry. As an innovator, he pioneered technology that allowed safe deepwater drilling and production operations.

Throughout his career, he served as a mentor to students and young professionals. Furthermore, he was an outspoken supporter of environmental conservation and promoted sustainable energy development.

He is the author of numerous publications in marine science and engineering, such as Seismic Streamers and Acceleration-Canceling Hydrophones; Oceanography in 3-D: The Exploration Geophysics Curriculum; and Earth’s Upper Crust: A Marine Geologist’s Guide to Structural Interpretation.

Burkhardt was an accomplished scholar and traveller, exploring Syria, Palestine and Arabia with detailed journals. Conscientious of the potential suspicion of being a treasure hunter, he donned Arab dress to hide his European identity.

Personal Life

George Burkhardt had a remarkable personal life. He was an exemplary father, hardworking store owner in Edon, Ohio and accomplished musician.

He was an active member of the Edon community for most of his life and actively engaged in civic affairs. Additionally, he served as pastor at a local church for many years.

In his spare time, he was an active volunteer at the University of Manchester where he served as secretary to both the Faculty of Science and Manchester Joint Research Council. His involvement in these organizations was highly valued by the university; as an esteemed academic officer with valuable administrative skillset, his involvement proved invaluable throughout its administration.

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