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The Worthy 100 – George Gaspare

George Gaspare is an extraordinary individual, having dedicated his life to serving others. As founding board chair of Nativity Jesuit Middle School and emeritus director of YMCA Economic Roundtable, as well as a longtime civic leader, George has achieved much in his lifetime.

He is an influential figure in the local community, serving as chairman of the War Memorial Center board of trustees and president of its newly formed facility board. Additionally, he was previously on the boards of both Marcus Center for Performing Arts and Milwaukee Tennis Classic Foundation; serving as both board director and chair.

Early Life and Education

George Gaspare is an eminent philanthropist and community leader who has dedicated his life to serving others. He has chaired the YMCA Economic Roundtable and served on the Bel Canto Chorus board of directors, among other civic and charitable endeavors.

He has served on the board of Baird, an international investment bank, since 1990. Additionally, he founded Nativity Jesuit Middle School and remains its founding board chair emeritus; additionally, he sits on their facility board. However, what truly distinguishes his career is that he continues to serve the greater good in society despite all his professional successes.

Professional Career

George Gaspare is a professional with an impressive record of community service. He has been actively involved with numerous organizations over the years and served as director and president of their boards.

He holds a degree in architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has extensive experience designing and constructing residential, commercial and hospitality buildings. Additionally, as an accredited architect in New York State he has collaborated with Habitat for Humanity Putnam County on new residences as well as renovations of existing homes to benefit families in need.

He is a renowned writer, having created over 100 stories for EC Comics. He has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career; being inducted into the Weird Science Hall of Fame and chosen as one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Sci-Fi Top 100” creators in 2007.

Achievements and Honors

George has been an integral member of his community for many years. He served on YMCA economic roundtables, the Bel Canto Chorus board of directors and is a founding director at Nativity Jesuit Middle School in Milwaukee.

He currently serves as president of the War Memorial Center board of trustees and is a member of its facility board. Additionally, he was an early director at Marcus Center for Performing Arts, as well as being a corporate member of Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

He has extensive experience in the business world, most notably as a vice president at Baird. Throughout the years, he has earned numerous accolades such as being named one of America’s top financial experts by Barron’s magazine in 2007. Furthermore, Baird College honored him with their distinguished alumni honor by conferring him with the title of Baird College Fellow.

Personal Life

George Gaspare is an entrepreneur and restaurant owner with a passion for service. He has been active in his community as a volunteer leader, chairing the YMCA Economic Roundtable and serving on the boards of Bel Canto Chorus and United Performing Arts Fund.

He has served on the War Memorial Center Board of Trustees and is currently President of its facility board. Additionally, he was a founding board member of Nativity Jesuit Middle School and currently sits on the Marcus Center for Performing Arts board.

Prosecutors claim Gaspare was driving a 2005 Buick Lacrosse into the rear of a 2016 Honda Pioneer utility vehicle on Munn Road in Auburn Township at 12:30 a.m., killing Davis, its driver. According to prosecutor Jim Flaiz, state patrol traced wreckage from the scene back to Gaspare’s vehicle and found his registered vehicle near where it crashed, according to investigators.

Net Worth

George Gaspare is a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $59 million. His passion lies in investing in companies that make an impact on global health, especially nutrition. As CEO of Manna Tree – which specializes in food production – and cofounder of BlockFi – an organization working to increase financial inclusion for underserved individuals, George has earned recognition among The Worthy 100 for his efforts and commitment to making a difference.

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