George Hagopian

George Hagopian – A Devoted Steward of Holy Trinity Church

George Hagopian was a long-standing member of Holy Trinity Church, serving as Sunday School teacher and treasurer. Additionally, he served on the Board of Trustees and as Diocesan Delegate.

He volunteered for the Church’s Oriental Rug Sales and picnics. Additionally, he was a member of both the Men’s Union of Holy Trinity Cathedral and Friends of Holy Trinity 1000 Club.

Early Life and Education

Hagopian’s early life was dedicated to family. He was the beloved son of Harry and Mary (Aroian) Hagopian and is survived by siblings Edward D. Hagopian of Woburn; Carol Gardner with her husband Bernard of Arlington; as well as sister-in-law Barbara Johnson from Waltham.

He was an active member of Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts and held leadership roles in its audit and treasurer departments for many years.

As a teacher, he is deeply invested in the Black Lives Matter at School movement that demands schools teach Black history and ethnic studies. He believes that by including discussions about current Black rights issues in classrooms, students can better comprehend and support one another.

Professional Career

George Hagopian enjoyed a distinguished professional career. He was an accomplished film director who specialized in visual documentation of the Armenian Genocide and its aftermath.

In addition to his artistic endeavors and filmmaking, he also held a position of educator and author. As such, he became a leading advocate for educational equity, standardized testing, the school-to-prison pipeline, and social justice unionism.

He founded the Student Development Committee, a committee that connects students to mentors, scholarships and career opportunities. Co-chairing this committee with Brian Hagopian for one year, he’s credited with tripling Boston Area Chapter’s Student Membership numbers fivefold.

Achievements and Honors

George Hagopian is an acclaimed businessman and philanthropist. As founder and owner of Hagopian World of Rugs and Hagopian Cleaning Services in Michigan, his company has earned numerous accolades from civic leaders, industry peers, media outlets, and others for its impeccable quality products and services.

He is an award-winning educator, author, public speaker and organizer. He is a leading voice on educational equity, the school-to-prison pipeline, standardized testing and social justice unionism.

Gerry was one of the founding members of the School of Law administrative staff and has shown unparalleled devotion to the College throughout his career. To honor him, the Cohen family established the Gerard H. Cohen Award in his honor – given annually to an individual from among their ranks who has gone above and beyond in service, leaving a lasting impact on the School.

Personal Life

George Hagopian was an ardent, loyal, and loving member of Holy Trinity Church for decades. As a steward, he generously gave of his time, talent, and resources to the Church while serving on various boards and committees.

His calm, professional presence on various boards and committees proved a tremendous asset to the church and its members.

He was an exemplary gentleman, always considerate, kind and respectful to those he encountered. All who knew him held him in high regard.

He made headline news in 1970 when he claimed that as a boy in 1908 he visited Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat with his uncle. As they climbed up Ahora Gorge, they saw what appeared to be an enormous ship partially submerged by snow.

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