George Hanskey

George Hanskey

George Hanskey is the CEO and founder of WeSolar, a clean energy company that provides solar panels to homes. She founded her business in Maryland – home to many African Americans – where she grew up.

Hansley had an insatiable appetite for art and music that transcended politics, fine dining, and even fine whiskey. His enthusiasm never wavered; he never apologized for speaking his mind without apology.

Early Life and Education

George Hanskey was born into slavery in the 1850s but managed to obtain an education. By 1890 he was working on a farm near Minneapolis, Kansas while studying horticulture, art and literature. Ultimately earning his bachelor’s degree in agricultural science from Iowa State University. Additionally he wrote several books about farmers, landscapes and flowers – his most renowned achievement being winning first prize for best painting at the prestigious National Institute of Arts and Letters competition 1897. Afterwards he became a teacher with many honors and awards for his contributions towards education – today serving as professor of educational leadership and inclusive elementary/early childhood education at Syracuse University.

Professional Career

George Hanskey has an impressive professional background that spans multiple industries. Currently, he works at Teen Challenge, a Christian organization that specializes in addiction recovery and teaching. His duties involve both teaching and administration; his passion to reach students has been instrumental to his success as an administrator.

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Achievements and Honors

George Hanskey has been a pioneering force in the field of natural area protection and stewardship for decades. His accomplishments include creating the Illinois Nature Preserve System and compiling the first state list of endangered species. Additionally, he founded both The Nature Conservancy and Natural Land Institute; he’s also been inducted into the National Academy of Achievement with multiple awards to his credit.

The NAA honors george hanskey for his extraordinary achievements and presents him with the George B. Fell Lifetime Achievement Award, its highest honor in recognition of his long-lasting dedication to protecting natural areas. This award is given in recognition of someone’s significant contribution towards natural area identification, protection, stewardship or research as well as supporting NAA mission objectives.

Net Worth

George Hanskey is an accomplished photographer renowned for his celebrity and social portraits. Additionally, he donates both time and money to several charity organizations; estimates place it around $1 million dollars. George has worked with organizations such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society and Bryan’s House among others; additionally, he travels frequently; visiting places like Russia or Egypt. Originally from North Carolina, Hanskey was a proud yellow-dog Democrat who enjoyed art, music, and fine dining – all while earning a comfortable living from his craft!

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