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George Mixon – How Much Is George Mixon Worth?

George Mixon, who has served on Serge’s renewal team for many years, specializes in training Kenyan leaders on Chronological Bible Storying (CBS). Additionally, he travels around the world helping other Serge teams incorporate Bible storying into their Gospel-centered ministries.

He is married to Martha and they have four children – three in the United States and one in Kenya.

Early Life and Education

George Mixon was a native of Wilcox County, Alabama and passed away on May 12, 2010.

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, he worked at Bayou Concrete until his retirement. Survived by four children and two siblings, he is survived by his beloved company.

He served in the United States Senate for thirty-five years, serving as a conservative voice that opposed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential nomination in 1932 but later supported many of Roosevelt’s early New Deal programs.

George has been teaching Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) to Kenyan leaders for many years. He guides a team of church planters – both Kenyan and expatriate – through this biblically-based program which instructs pastors and church members how to tell stories using chronologically-arranged Bible stories.

Professional Career

George Mixon’s long and illustrious political career never let hardship stand in her way. She assisted countless Georgia politicians win election victories, such as governors George Busbee and Joe Frank Harris; senators Sam Nunn and Max Cleland; plus many other national figures.

Her close connections with Georgia governors and their appointed boards and commissions made her a valuable political asset at the highest levels of the state. Additionally, she served on the State Bar of Georgia’s disciplinary board, State Heritage Trust Commission, and Vocational Education Task Force.

Her papers, a collection of candid snapshots from her decades-long involvement in politics, are accessible to researchers at the Russell Library. These records offer an invaluable resource for understanding Miss Eunice Mixon’s legacy and her role in Georgia politics.

Achievements and Honors

George Mixon was raised in Georgia, his father owning a barbeque restaurant. At an early age he began competing in barbeque competitions and soon after published cookbooks about the cuisine.

After graduating, he pursued law in Augusta and served on the Municipal Court bench. He married a local woman and raised two children there.

He and his wife Martha moved to Kenya in 1994, and since then have been actively engaged in teaching Kenyan pastors and leaders Chronological Bible Storying (CBS), an effective method for imparting biblical truths to national pastors and church leaders in their native tongues.

They also partner with Serge International to support its ministry among Maasai people in northern Kenya. George travels frequently to Kenya to assist the CBS team there and other countries by training Serge teams how to incorporate Bible storying into their Gospel-centered ministries.

Personal Life

George Mixon was raised in Oxnard, California as the younger brother of actor Jerod Mixon.

He is a highly sought-after movie actor. He has starred in many films, such as The Nutty Professor and its sequel.

His personal life is fairly straightforward. He enjoys socializing with people and listening to music.

He is an enthusiastic football fan, rooting for the Los Angeles Rams since 1999. Additionally, he supports Cecil College and their efforts to offer comprehensive educational opportunities to students.

Net Worth

Are you a fan of George Mixon and curious to know how much he’s worth? This article will give an accurate estimate of his net worth as well as the sources of his income.

He has an estimated net worth of $400 thousand dollars, which he has amassed through his career as an actor. He began acting at a young age and has had successful movies released.

George and Martha have served in Kenya since 1994, living among the Maasai tribe and working as veterinarians before becoming missionaries. For several years now their main ministry has been training Kenya pastors and leaders in Bible storying. They travel regularly to Kenya as well as other countries where Serge teams are incorporating Bible storying into their ministries.

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