George Nicholson

George Nicholson

George Nicholson made a name for himself as an early pioneer of self-publishing. He wrote a book about Vancouver Island’s West Coast and published it himself.

If you can locate a copy of this classic book through an antiquarian book dealer, it will be an incredible collector’s item! Even better if the copy was never signed by George!

Early Life and Education

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George Nicholson was born in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, near Manchester, England on September 20, 1875. He was the third son of Donald Nicholson – a cashier and bank manager who immigrated to Tasmania in 1883. On returning home, Nicholson began his academic career at the University of Sydney; eventually becoming McCaughey Professor of French there for almost 25 years.

Professional Career

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George Nicholas is an attorney whose legal philosophy centers around justice, practicality and ethics. He represents clients throughout Washington state in criminal defense matters from his Walla Walla office. Additionally, he’s a member of the Washington State Bar Association and Martindale-Hubbell has recognized him as a top legal talent.

Achievements and Honors

Nicholas’ achievements include receiving the Medal of Honor. This honour was bestowed upon him for his heroic act of bravery during the Waikato-Hauhau Maori War in New Zealand.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military award available for gallantry in combat. Additionally, he earned several other distinctions such as the Iron Cross and Silver Star.

He was an acclaimed philanthropist, especially in the fields of horticulture and agricultural development. He founded gardens at Mount Macedon, Carnbrea and Auburn as well as Burnham Beeches and Sassafras.

Personal Life

George Nicholas Papanicolaou was the inventor of the Pap test, which has become one of the most effective cancer prevention methods ever devised. His simple test called the Pap smear has since saved many lives from cervical cancer.

He was born in Kymi, a small town on the island of Euboea in Greece. He spent his early years growing up with his parents Nikolas and Maria – both doctors – as their only child.

At 21 years old, he decided to leave behind the family business and pursue an academic career in science. After immigrating to America, he settled in New York City where he began his research career at Cornell University.

Net Worth

George Nicholas has an estimated net worth of $17.4 thousand dollars as of 4 June 2007. He is an Association Football Player who represents Northwood in the Southern Football League.

In 2012, he joined Wealdstone and made three league substitute appearances before moving to Northwood in January 2013. Since then, he has made 19 appearances for the club.

His brother Alfred Nicholas was a member of the Victorian Racing Club and an enthusiastic horseman. He owned a stud at Shirley Park in Woodend.

Both he and his brother were deeply committed to charity. They generously donated money to many worthy causes, offering much assistance to others. Furthermore, both enjoyed gardening so much that they built gardens at Mount Macedon together.

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