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George Orban Net Worth

George Orban is a political leader who served as Hungary’s Prime Minister since 2010. He is widely credited with helping to reverse the country’s economic crisis and enhance social conditions for its citizens.

In 2014, his party Fidesz won an emphatic victory in parliamentary elections. Not only did they dominate the parliament but they also took control of virtually every city and town across Hungary.

Early Life and Education

George Orban is a lawyer by training, having been raised in a conservative family. He earned his education at McGill University and Columbia University.

He is the leader of Fidesz, a right-wing political party in Hungary and has served as Prime Minister since 1998.

Orban’s childhood was marked by his father’s passionate support of the Soviet Union and his mother’s strong anti-Soviet feelings.

Orban was raised in a society that tightly controlled socialization, vocational training and moral and character education. Furthermore, his religious values were highly valued.

Professional Career

Orban’s professional career has been guided by both his political activism and academic training. He has studied and written widely about topics such as democracy, authoritarianism, and international relations.

He has an avid interest in psychology. According to reports, he met American psychologist Philip Zimbardo, creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment which studies authoritarian regimes.

Orban’s religious convictions have become the cornerstone of his politics. He holds that Christian values are essential to Hungary’s success and migration is an enemy to these ideals. This approach has been upheld in numerous speeches and campaigns that he has undertaken.

Achievements and Honors

George Orban is a well-known conservative leader who has been in politics for two decades and served as Prime Minister of Hungary since 1998.

Orban has been a controversial figure due to his anti-Semitic views and policies, as well as accusations of gerrymandering and censorship.

He has also been criticized for his increasing outreach to Russia. Recently sworn in for his fourth term as prime minister of Hungary, he continues to exercise extraordinary powers.

Orban enjoys a strong following in Hungary and is widely regarded as an influential figure within the country. He has even received praise from several influential American conservatives.

Personal Life

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary and an elected leader who publicly identifies as Western-style conservative, has been dubbed the first post-Cold War head of government in Hungary. His political party Fidesz won four consecutive parliamentary elections in 2010 to cement itself as a force within political life in Hungary.

Hungary’s economy has been stabilized under Orban’s policies by nationalizing private pension funds; cutting welfare spending for the poor; depleting research and education budgets; and levying taxes that discouraged foreign investment. Although these actions have been criticized by economic experts, voters remain largely contented with his record.

Net Worth

George Orban has an estimated net worth of $572 Million. He serves as director for Ross Stores Inc and owns approximately 5,589,307 shares of this company’s stock.

His total ownership in this company consists of 1,417,500 shares of common stock and 74,724 shares each Series A and B preferred stock. Each Series A and B preferred share is entitled to receive 9% interest compounded annually before any distributions can be made to common shareholders.

Orban founded Office Mart in 1987 and served as its president and CEO until 1989. This chain of office supply superstores operated throughout Florida, initially funded largely through equity in the form of voting preferred stock. In 1987, Office Mart issued 2,422,750 shares of Series A preferred stock to raise $2,950,000 in capital.

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