George Portz

George Portz – A Fiddle Champion and a Devoted Musician

George Portz was an acclaimed fiddle champion renowned for his incredible skill. Additionally, he earned recognition for his devotion to music.

He founded the George Portz Friends of Bluegrass, an iconic acoustic music group whose shows are beloved by audiences of all ages.

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Professional Career

George Portz’s professional career was truly remarkable. He was an acclaimed fiddler and one of America’s premier promoters of bluegrass music, having traveled across America for 50 years to promote it.

He was also a professional wrestler, having worked for Norman Morrell and other promoters worldwide. He faced off against some of wrestling’s top names such as Cyril Morris, Norman Walsh, Ernie Riley and Don Mendoza in major matches.

He also performed with the Goins Brothers band and on stage at Grand Ole Opry with Bill Monroe – known as the father of bluegrass music – showcasing his skillset. With such a long and distinguished career in music, and numerous honors to his name, he will be deeply missed by friends and fans alike.

Achievements and Honors

George Portz achieved much in his life, from performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage with Bill Monroe to organizing hundreds of fiddle contests and festivals. For over 50 years, he was a staple in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri bluegrass music circles.

He served as the wrestling coach at Collinsville High School and earned a kinesiology degree from Southwestern Illinois College. Additionally, he founded Shiloh Mobile Home Park and invested in other rental properties throughout the metro-east area.

His long-standing dedication to honors education and leadership with the National Collegiate Honor Council earned him Fellow status from NCHC. To be selected as a Fellow, individuals must be nominated by their institution and have had an exceptional impact on the honors community through NCHC, regional or state honor institutes, as well as special events.

Personal Life

George Portz was an accomplished fiddler and member of The Friends of Bluegrass band. They performed throughout southwest Illinois and eastern Missouri, recording several self-released albums along the way.

The band performed or opened for John Hartford, Alison Krauss, Johnny Gimble from Riders in the Sky and Pappy Wade Ray from Pappy’s Wings as well as Michael Martin Murphy and Patsy Montana among many others.

Portz was not only a member of the band, but an influential force in promoting and showcasing traditional music. A former fiddle champion, he founded The Friends of Bluegrass in 1978 to further this cause.

Net Worth

George Portz, renowned Illinois-based musician known for his contributions to the Traditional Music Festival, passed away. He will be remembered as an amazing man and fiddler alike.

On Monday morning, 70 year old Portz suffered a fatal heart attack. He had been dealing with various health issues recently.

George Portz Friends of Bluegrass, formed in 1978 and renowned for their incredible talent, was founded. They won the Country Music Awards in 1980 and were recognized as one of the top groups by the International Bluegrass Music Association.

Portz fostered the talents of many young people in his music room in Shiloh, Illinois. Notable among his pupils was Alison Krauss – later to become a household name within the industry.

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