George Varoudakis

George Varoudakis, Architect of Cretan Villas

George Varoudakis is an esteemed architect renowned for his distinctive Cretan villa designs. His expertise lies in traditional building techniques that have been modernized to meet today’s lifestyle demands.

Evidence of prior bad acts can be used to prove conspiracy in crimes where “the earlier crime involved the same participants as the charged crime” (Rule 404(b). Here, Varoudakis committed a car fire in 1994 in order to collect insurance proceeds.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Varoudakis opened Destinations, a popular restaurant and nightclub in downtown Boston during the early 1990s. While initially successful financially, business eventually declined as word spread of his establishment.

He eventually moved the operation to a property he owned in Everett, Massachusetts and formed New England Caterers Inc., which owed a variety of taxes.

On April 4, 1995, Varoudakis’ establishment experienced a fire that would become one of the best documented cases of arson. According to authorities, Varoudakis hired his sister’s boyfriend Nick Adams to start the blazes and removed items such as drop-safes, tables and more than $100,000 worth of sound equipment – only for it all to be saved! Despite its short duration, hundreds of patrons entered the venue unharmed.

Achievements and Honors

George Varoudakis has been in the architectural field for some time, but is best known for his work along Crete’s west coast. His designs are distinguished by a keen attention to detail and an appreciation of fine architecture.

He was long the talk of local business leaders and politicians alike, for good reason. His work earned him the distinction of being a member of Chania’s Architects Association, earning him several awards such as that for best new construction in the area. Furthermore, he is recognized by the Society of Architects of Greece and serves on various committees.

Personal Life

Varoudakis ran Destinations, a restaurant and night club in Boston. However, he struggled to pay his bills; eventually his landlord cited him for unpaid rent as well as damages.

In late 1994, after years of inadequate insurance coverage for Destinations, Varoudakis increased both contents and business interruption coverage to $500,000 and $100,000 respectively. He also removed sound and lighting equipment from the restaurant and moved it to a property he owned in Everett.

On the days leading up to the fire, several employees at Destinations worked long hours loading sound and lighting equipment into trucks. Britt testified that Varoudakis told her he did this so he could burn down the restaurant and collect insurance proceeds.

Net Worth

George Varoudakis owned Destinations, a restaurant and night club located at One Congress Street in Boston. He hired Cheryl Britt to work as the general manager of his establishment; she testified during trial that she had lived with Varoudakis for several years and had known him since the mid-80s.

Witness testimony at trial revealed that in March 1995, Varoudakis began moving sound and lighting equipment from Destinations into his property in Everett. Employees spent long hours loading it into trucks in the days and nights leading up to the fire which investigators believe was caused by arson. Furthermore, two employees of Varoudakis’ – Diane Casey and her boyfriend Nick Adams – testified that on April 4, 1995 they discovered a drop-safe at Destinations had been vandalized and empty.

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