George Volz

George Volz

George Volz was a retired man living in his Philadelphia home. He had moved there during the 1940s and enjoyed an idyllic life.

In the late 1990s, he was tragically found strangled in his apartment. For several months, police did not pursue the case.

Early Life and Education

George Volz was born in Germany to a Jewish family that immigrated to America. As an adult, George Volz’s career included teaching English classes to university students across America.

His father was a farmer and his mother a housewife. He attended school in New York and Pennsylvania before relocating to the West.

He was highly respected in his community, serving as president of his school’s board. Additionally, he had an active involvement in his church.

After graduating high school, he continued on to college where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Maryland.

Furthermore, he served in the National Guard until his passing at 78 years of age from an illness.

Professional Career

Volz was a baseball player for the Manchester, New Hampshire team in 1901 and pitched in 19 games while compiling an impressive 21-10 record at Varick Park in Manchester.

He was an impressive pitcher, but not a particularly strong hitter. In his major-league debut, he walked five of the 35 batters he faced and hit no home runs.

Voci reported that in 1998, Volz was brutally murdered by Ramel Anderson, a convicted felon. Police were able to identify Anderson from DNA samples found in his car.

Achievements and Honors

George Volz has received numerous honors and recognition throughout his lifetime, most recently being presented with a Legacy Award from the State of Illinois Department of Aging.

His son, Justin, is an accomplished musician who has earned numerous awards at competitions around the country. A member of the Bluegrass and Traditional Music Society, Justin has performed at numerous events around Pennsylvania.

He has been a member of the University Journalism faculty for 13 years and earned several teaching awards. Additionally, in 2018, he was inducted into the American Education Journalists’ Association as a fellow.

Associate Professor of Journalism Yong Volz was honored this spring with the William H. Taft Outstanding Adviser Award by Kappa Tau Alpha, marking his 34th time winning this distinction.

Personal Life

George Volz was an adventurous soul who loved to explore the world. His fascination with aeronautics only deepened throughout his lifetime, and he also had a wicked sense of humor.

He was a deeply loving husband and father who deeply cared for his family. Survived by his beloved wife Carol, he will always remain in our hearts.

The family owned several trading posts and ran a freight business in the area. Furthermore, they were among the first people to witness Meteor Crater in Arizona.

In 1998, 78-year-old George Volz was found dead in his home. This case had a brutal end and it took several years before biological evidence provided the key to solving it.

Net Worth

Volz is a former lead singer of the rock band Petra. His career spanned from 1979 to 1985.

After declining the opportunity to lead REO Speedwagon in 1970, he turned away the offer to lead them and instead became a born-again Christian. That same year he formed a rock group called Gideon’s Bible but it never gained momentum.

In 1998, Volz’s family members discovered his lifeless body in their home. Although authorities were summoned, the case went cold.

Ramel Anderson, a neighbor, was eventually found guilty of killing Volz. A surveillance photo captured him entering through a cellar window during the early hours of May 7.

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