George Walbye

George Walbye – A Bronze Sculptor

George Walbye is a self-taught artist whose art draws deeply on his childhood memories of growing up on the American West. He spent his formative years in Rawlins, Wyoming – his grandfather had homesteaded at Whiskey Gap – where George has drawn inspiration from for decades.

After working in education and sales for many years, George turned his focus towards sculpture. His early pieces were made out of wax before being cast in bronze using the traditional “lost wax” technique.

Early Life and Education

George Walbye is a renowned sculptor who has been active for more than six decades. His artwork has been showcased and sold in numerous galleries across America.

The artist is a Wyoming native who was raised in high plains sagebrush country. During his summers growing up there, he worked on ranches and developed an interest in art and carving.

He began exploring sculpture using the lost wax technique. His bronze artworks have elements reminiscent of Indian art, yet also feature elements that are uniquely modern.

Professional Career

George Walbye is a renowned bronze sculptor based in Loveland, Colorado. His stunning works are created with precision and artistry with only the highest quality materials.

Walbye creates his original works using the classic “lost wax” technique, turning them into bronze. His artwork has a distinct quality as it incorporates elements of American Indian art and ornamentation with contemporary design concepts.

He is one of five founding artists whose work can be seen at Benson Sculpture Park, a nationally-renowned sculpture garden located in Loveland, Colorado. His piece High Plains Warrior/Wind Song was the first sculpture installed there and he has been an active member of the Loveland High Plains Arts Council since its foundation.

Achievements and Honors

George Walbye has been an accomplished artist for over six decades, creating a wide variety of bronze vessels with strong design elements and innovative representations of wildlife, Indians, and cowboys.

He has an admiration of the West that he has drawn upon from his childhood summers in Rawlins, Wyoming where he worked on ranches near Whiskey Gap – homesteaded by his grandfather.

George has been an active participant in the Loveland High Plains Arts Council, serving as one of five founding artists whose artworks were selected for permanent display at Benson Sculpture Garden when it opened to the public in 1985. Additionally, he organizes and promotes the annual Sculpture in the Park show and sale which attracts both Loveland locals and visitors alike.

Personal Life

George Walbye is a self-taught artist whose artwork authentically captures his life in the American West. His bronzes capture the timeless beauty of this landscape.

He was born in Rawlins, Wyoming and spent many summers working on ranches near his grandfather’s homestead at Whiskey Gap. During spare moments between chores, he would often whittle a piece of sage wood for entertainment.

Following a career in education and sales, Walbye turned to sculpture. He is one of the first artists to use the classic “lost wax” method for transferring his original works into bronze; his bronzes can be found in private and corporate collections across Europe and America.

Net Worth

George Walbye, a Colorado sculptor, is a self-taught artist who captures the essence of American West in his works. Born in Rawlins, Wyoming and having spent all his life there, he creates beautiful bronze vessels and sculptures featuring western, Native American, and wildlife subjects using the traditional lost wax method of casting them into bronze. Estimates place his net worth somewhere around seven figures.

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