George Way

George Way

George Way was an innovator in the drum industry. His designs and concepts were decades ahead of what was available at his creation.

He designed and manufactured drum sets for some of America’s classic American drum companies, such as Leedy, Slingerland and Rogers. His innovations continue to be featured on modern drum sets today.

Early Life and Education

George Way Harley began his educational journey at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa where he studied art and music. Later, he earned a bachelor’s degree in botany from Iowa State University – becoming the first black student ever to do so.

His passion for learning and constant reading led him to pursue a career as a botanist–an expert on plants.

He remained dedicated to education throughout most of his life, teaching at Iowa State University and Tuskegee University in Alabama. Additionally, he donated millions to support various literacy projects throughout America.

Professional Career

George Way’s professional career was an uplifting one, spanning more than three decades as an educator and coach. Additionally, his dedication to wrestling earned him multiple inductions into various sports halls of fame.

When not working on his career, George enjoys learning new things and traveling. Sailing was his particular passion, and spending time on the water made him truly contented.

His professional success is a testament to his drive and commitment. It also serves as proof that it pays off to follow one’s passions and remain true to yourself.

Achievements and Honors

George Way was a successful businessman who dedicated himself to improving the lives of others. He founded an architectural firm that specialized in multifamily housing and completed many impressive projects around Colorado Springs.

He was a highly-regarded teacher and lecturer on passive solar design, which informed his work and allowed him to better comprehend the needs of his clients.

He received numerous honors for his services to the country, including the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal. During his time at NSA, he held several technical executive positions of increasing responsibility, all with the purpose of improving US security. This job proved difficult but he persevered through it.

Personal Life

George was an enthusiastic reader and enjoyed learning new things. His knowledge was often applied to his work, such as designing multifamily housing projects to improve people’s lives.

He enjoyed collecting antiques and decorative art. His collection of Dutch 17th- and 18th-century furniture is widely regarded as one of the finest in the country.

He was an accomplished sailor who enjoyed many memorable trips. His favorite pastime was sailing the St. Lawrence River with his older brother, providing everyone with a fun time for all. As a true family man, he remained close to his children and grandchildren throughout their lives.

Net Worth

George Way is worth an impressive $200 million before taxes from his film and TV career alone. Additionally, he generates significant income through brand endorsements and investments.

George owns a number of properties around the world, such as Villa Oleander in Laglio, Italy on Lake Como and an apartment in New York City with his wife Amal. Additionally, they possess several luxury cars.

George is renowned for his generous philanthropy. He has donated more than $32 billion and devotes much of his wealth to causes that matter most to him, such as women’s rights and environmental protection. Together with Amal, George and Amal are passionate supporters of these issues.

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