George Werner

The Life of George Werner

George Werner was an influential figure within the Episcopal Church, particularly the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He served as deputation chair and member of General Convention.

He was an esteemed leader in urban mission, working with Venture in Mission at Trinity Cathedral. Additionally, he was an enthusiastic volunteer and community advocate.

Early Life and Education

Education, parents and practitioners cannot overstate how important early years are for development. They’re an era when healthy foundations are laid – providing the building blocks necessary for academic achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health and strong communities.

At these crucial junctures, teachers and caregivers play an essential role in aiding children’s social emotional development. Erikson’s psychosocial theory noted that children go through different stages and the success of each depends on the quality of support given to each child at each stage.

George Werner served as Liberia’s Minister of Education from 2015 to 2018. Despite inheriting an education system devastated by years of civil war and the Ebola outbreak, he implemented bold reforms that propelled his country back into a global leader in this space.

Professional Career

George Werner was a senior executive with one of the early Wall Street investment banking firms, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ). For over half a century he provided advice to Aerospace, Defense and Industrial companies across North America.

He served on the Boards of Directors for EDO Corporation, B.B. Walker, Juno Lighting and Sterner Lighting while building a premier boutique investment bank.

George was a dedicated philanthropist and volunteer, serving as dean emeritus of Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh from 1979 to 2000. Before that, he had served as parish priest in Connecticut and New Hampshire before earning his master of divinity degree from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.

Achievements and Honors

George Werner served the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and New Hampshire for many years. In 1963 he earned his master of divinity degree from Yale Divinity School and was ordained into ministry.

In 1979, he became dean of Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh and dedicated his efforts to urban mission work with Venture in Mission. Making the Cathedral a hub for everyone from unemployed steel workers to teenagers and white-collar executives alike, the Cathedral quickly became the social hub of Pittsburgh.

He was appointed Liberia’s Minister of Education in June 2015, leading an effort to transform the post-war and post-Ebola education sector that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf described as a “mess”. During his tenure he spearheaded an initiative to remove “ghost” teachers from Ministry payrolls; screening 18,000 educators while freeing up $2.4 million annually for reinvestment back into education initiatives.

Personal Life

George Werner had a deep-seated passion for missions and spreading God’s word to those who weren’t familiar with it. His family heritage as Lutheran missionaries ran deep, including his grandfather Rev. Heinrich Christoph Boettcher who established 27 preaching stations throughout the Midwest during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Throughout his life, he was an active social activist and champion for others’ rights. A priest and dean at Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh, he served as an active member of the Episcopal Church and founded Venture in Mission program; this endeavor furthered his involvement with urban mission work for the church.

Net Worth

George Werner is 86 years old yet still owns an impressive $1.3 billion net worth. Much of it stems from his ownership in Guggenheim Partners, a private investment firm that specializes in asset management and capital markets services.

He owns a majority stake in the Los Angeles Dodgers and owns a home in Chicago. Additionally, his assets come from investments made with New England Sports Ventures – which owns both Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park among other sports properties.

He’s the owner of a Buffalo ranch and ski resort in Wyoming, as well as numerous real estate holdings across America. In 2015 alone, his wealth grew by $2.5 billion due to appreciation in the value of his real estate investments.

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