Gina Adam

Gina Adam – Artist, Educator, and Advocate

Gina Adams is an artist whose works focuses on broken treaties between the US and Native American tribes, using cross-media studio practice such as recycling antique quilts for her Broken Treaty Quilts series.

Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada hired her as part of a cluster hire initiative designed to hire more Indigenous faculty members in 2019; however, Maclean’s magazine exposed allegations against her of identity fraud.

Early Life and Education

Gina Adams didn’t initially plan on majoring in finance at Warrington College of Business; however, she quickly discovered her passion was in this industry and started researching its movements and trends.

Urban’s Kids in Context initiative, a national research agenda dedicated to child care and early education policies and programs. She explores poverty’s effect on family stability and access to quality child care; is an expert on issues like child care subsidies, Head Start/Early Head Start programs, state prekindergarten models and two-generation models; as well as conducting extensive studies into SNAP and Medicaid benefits’ effects on development and health of children; she hails from both Indigenous (Ojibwe) and colonial immigrant backgrounds in her homeland of America.

Professional Career

Gina Adams is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and activist specializing in modern Indigenous hybrid art; she hails from both indigenous (Ojibwe) and colonial American backgrounds. Gina currently teaches art history courses at Emily Carr University – a postsecondary art and design school located in Vancouver Canada.

She works on various projects, from stitching the text of broken treaties onto antique quilts to carving wood and sculpting clay sculptures – work she exhibits both internationally in museums as well as privately collected collections.

Gina is also an influential political figure, working tirelessly against gun violence in schools. In 2017, Gina championed Rhode Island legislation designed to protect children and families by banning military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines; additionally she serves on the board of American University.

Achievement and Honors

Gina Adam has an unfaltering passion for connecting with students. She delights in hearing their stories and watching them pursue their educational goals, while volunteering her time to assist children who require additional care.

She is an Ojibwe and Lakota artist of Ojibwe and Lakota descent whose works examine issues related to identity, heritage, ancestry and land. Her cross-media hybrid studio practice incorporates antique quilt reuse as well as broken treaties between US tribes and Native American tribes as well as sculpture, ceramics and painting techniques into her studio practice.

She has become a staple on radio shows like Adam Carolla Show and 100.3 The Sound, garnering large social media followings and winning fan approval with her humorous and relatable radio presence, earning many awards and honors throughout her career. Additionally, she currently teaches at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado.

Personal Life

Gina Grad has worked tirelessly to reach her current position. From auditioning at every radio station and recording promos and commercials for commercials to covering for sick radio hosts – Gina did all she could do gain her big break.

She also engages in voice acting, dubbing video game characters and writing linguistically equal-voice animated series; volunteering her services at local charities as well.

Adams taught at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado as an assistant professor. She led required first-year course as well as classes on traditional and contemporary Indigenous art techniques. Cyca and Maclean’s fact checker attempted to contact White Earth Nation which she claimed affiliation to; however they were unable to verify her claims of Indigeneity. Her scholarship focused on heritage, ancestry, and ritual practices.

Net Worth

Gina Grad is an American voice artist and radio host, currently co-hosting the Easy Listening podcast alongside Teresa Strasser on PodcastOne and previously hosting Andy and Gina in the Morning on KSWD 100.3 The Sound.

She attended Shawnee Mission South High School and the University of Kansas, with Steve Grad employed by Los Angeles news radio station KNX-1070 between 2006 and 2016. Unfortunately, no information about her mother can be provided at this time.

Andy Harris is her proud husband whom she married on September 26, 2021. She hails from both Ojibwe and Lakota descent and boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Additionally, she has achieved success as both an accomplished voice artist (winning multiple awards for her voiceover work) and author (My Extra Mom was received positively by readers).

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