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GKS Perfekt Toe Jacks

These self-contained hydraulic toe jacks are built for rugged indoor/outdoor lifting applications. Their ease of use and high safety margin make them a reliable lifting solution, with release valves for accurately and carefully lowering loads, as well as overload protection features like release valves. One-piece height-adjustable cast iron toe hook and top saddle provide superior stability; adding external hand pump PV or electric pump PE doubles capacity even further.

Early Life and Education

GKS-PERFEKT toe jacks have earned a stellar reputation over many years of reliable indoor and outdoor lifting service in factories and workshops. Easy to operate, extremely sturdy and self-contained – their capacity can even be doubled when operated in tandem with another toe jack using either an external hand pump PV or, in the case of #V20 model #V20 toe jack, an electric pump PE; additionally they include height-adjustable safety toes designed and manufactured to achieve a high safety margin.

Select the variant you require and add it to your cart for purchase or request a quotation. Keep in mind that many metalworking products do contain components subject to California’s Prop 65 warning.

Professional Career

GKS Perfekt toe jacks are designed for years of dependable indoor and outdoor lifting service in factory, workshop, and rigging applications. Their sturdy yet easy design features an integral hydraulic unit, pump handle, and high safety margin – with four models ranging from 11,000 to 44,000 lb load capacities available and an electric PE pump optional to double or quadruple capacity depending on model #V20 size.

These nickel plated, cleanroom chairs feature precision guideways with hardened and tempered safety toes made of forged material for extra strength and corrosion protection, along with attractive finishes suitable for cleanroom environments like pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and electronics production. Resellers and large orders may qualify for discounted pricing.

Personal Life

GKS-PERFEKT toe jacks are designed for long-term indoor and outdoor lifting use. Easy to operate, extremely sturdy, self-contained units provide full load capacities on both their toe and top plates; their load capacity can even be doubled when operated with an external GKS PV Hand Pump or, (in case of larger model #V20), GKS Electric PE Pump.

Every heavy duty toe jack passes rigorous quality tests and inspections prior to leaving the factory, and is marked with its next date of test for easy compliance with safety standards.

GKS dollies typically utilize a three-point system that ensures safe movement on uneven floors, while some models may contain metals that require Prop 65 warnings.

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