Gong Cha New Jersey

Gong Cha New Jersey

Gong Cha New Jersey serves creative chilled drinks like strawberry matcha lattes and dirty brown sugar milk tea. You can also order a Thai tea latte or lychee oolong iced tea. Gong Cha is located at 129 East Broad St. in downtown Newark.

Homemade syrups

Homemade syrups are one of the highlights at Gong Cha New Jersey. The tea shop is known for its unique drinks. The drinks often come with a variety of toppings, including jelly and tapioca balls. Guests can also add a little boba or even a whole pudding to their tea. They also offer fresh dairy products. Gong Cha also sells EGCG, an antioxidant found in green tea that can boost your metabolism.

The teas are made from the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The tea is also served with organic milk and homemade syrups. These drinks are a great alternative to those high in sugar. You can find a sugar level chart at the store, and customize your drink to your preferences.

Natural and healthy alternatives

New Jersey residents looking for a healthy alternative to Bubble Tea or Boba Tea should consider checking out Gong Cha in Newark. This chain of health-conscious tea shops has more than 18 locations and is projected to grow to over 500 locations across the United States by 2025. In addition to its current locations, there are also plenty of available territories for future expansion.

One of the most popular bubble tea chains in the United States, Gong Cha has recently opened a location in Hoboken. It also has locations in Texas, Massachusetts, and California. While the first New Jersey location opened in Hoboken, the chain has expanded to serve customers throughout the state.

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