Goodfellas Clothes

Henry Hill was a part-time errand boy turned mobster. It all started when his teenaged son proudly presented her with his new beige worsted suit and bronze silk tie; their mother recoiled but Henry knew it made an impression as well as made him stand out from other kids in school.

Kith recently collaborated with Martin Scorsese’s 1990 gangster classic to release an exclusive apparel collection priced from $65-$165. The range consists of shirts, caps and long-sleeve tees priced from this point onward.

Early Life and Education

Henry Hill (Robert De Niro) can be seen swaying gracefully in a camel suede double-breasted topcoat while Jimmy informs him of their psychotic pal Tommy’s imminent success as soon-to-be made man. Notable about this look is its use of one of Geneva Custom Shirt’s distinctive “spearpoint” collars designed especially for Scorsese’s gangster films.

The film’s wardrobe reveals both Hill’s fashion sense and moral disjuncture with his family, such as when his mother recoils when he wears his first suit; she finds these clothes inappropriate in their neighborhood; this white collared suit also recalls vicar collars revealing the contradiction between his criminal family members and supposedly respectable members of society. Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino) follows an informal dress code consisting of solid colored camp shirts and sports jackets.

Achievement and Honors

Goodfellas never glorifies mob life; rather it cautions about the perils of hubris and highlights what may happen in its shadowy underworld.

Michael Imperioli found success as Spider in this film. Later he would go on to win an Emmy award for his work on The Sopranos but this role remains his signature performance.

The American Film Institute named it as their second pick on their list of 100 Years, 100 Movies and it also received induction into the National Film Registry; both accolades stand as testaments to this film’s star power and crew. A must-watch classic cinema film; featuring an amazing cast and unforgettable tale you won’t soon forget.

Personal Life

Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) has chosen a life in the underworld. His attire demonstrates this choice; even after being given his walking papers and placed into Witness Protection.

He wears a bronze silk tie paired with a mustard checked sport jacket when meeting his wife at a hotel bar, an ensemble which gives just enough flash to mask his underworld identity.

Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) lives an extravagant life as evidenced by his choice of apparel – his ice blue shirt is fitted with one of Geneva Custom shirts’ distinctive “spearpoint” collars while his shark gray suit boasts slim turnback cuffs for ultimate luxury.

Net Worth

Ray Liotta earned critical acclaim and accolades for his portrayal of mobster Henry Hill in the iconic 1990 film Goodfellas based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book Wiseguy. This iconic cinematic experience changed our culture’s idea of how mafia men appear and behave, inspiring later gangster films.

Paulie Cicero dresses subdued solid-colored camp shirts and sport jackets when visiting Henry at his mistress’ apartment, yet when visiting Henry at her mistress’s place he dons a rich blue self-striped suit with wide tie reminiscent of 1970s styling.

Pesci’s trademark spearpoint collar, expertly starched to perfection by wardrobe assistant Bob Fisher, became his signature style and made numerous appearances in subsequent Scorsese movies as well as across fashion world. It became a sign of eccentric lounge lizard eccentricity.

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