Grace On Young And The Restless

Grace on Young and the Restless

Grace is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She is the best friend of Sharon Newman. She started on the show in the year 1996. Since then, the character has made several appearances. Although she is not a member of the main cast, she is a crucial part of many plots and stories.

The first time she appeared on the show was in June of 1996. She was initially played by Josie Davis, but later switched to Jennifer Gareis. A few months after her debut, she was given the role of Faith. When she left the show, she went to work for a subsidiary of Newman Enterprises in New York City. Her role was only temporary.

After her stint with the Newmans, she became more involved with the community. Grace was seen helping out Sharon with her kids and a few plots. This led to her being asked to come back to Genoa City. In 2010, she was reunited with Nick. He was glad to have her back. However, he didn’t tell her the reason for his return.

Grace and Tony eventually tracked down Cassie, a five-year-old girl whom Sharon gave up for adoption. But Cassie was not happy about having her mother abandon her at birth. While Grace was keeping the secret, Sharon and Nick were getting closer. They were even dating.

The relationship between Grace and Sharon got complicated. Grace kept the identity of her daughter a secret, while Sharon was furious with her for being with someone else. It wasn’t until after her first daughter was born that she revealed her real identity to Sharon.

But Grace didn’t let her real life go without a fight. At one point, she even tried to seduce Nick. Fortunately, she found her mistake.

Later, Sharon and Nikki discovered that Cameron Kirsten had murdered Frank Barritt. With her daughter’s life in her hands, Sharon decided to take action. Luckily, she didn’t kill Kirsten. Instead, she knocked him out with a wine bottle. As a result, she was forced to reveal the identity of her new girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Grace was spotted with a new man, Tony Viscardi. The couple dated for a few months, but soon they broke up. Luckily, she still had some hots for Nick. So she convinced him to give her a job at Newman Enterprises.

Grace also had an affair with Michael Baldwin. During her time in Genoa City, she met with her look-a-like, Mariah Copeland. Grace thought she was Mariah, but her real name was Helen. Unfortunately, it was Michael who arranged for Alice to take payoff for dropping the custody bid.

Before she was ready to come clean about her relationship with Mariah, Grace had to return to Genoa City for plotlines. After she returned, she was introduced as Sharon Newman’s best friend. She and Sharon were reunited, but it wasn’t until years later that Grace actually told Sharon the truth about her daughter’s pregnancy.

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