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He first made his mark as Grand Puba Maxwell with the group Masters of Ceremony before later co-founding Brand Nubian. Their debut album One for All (1990) earned critical acclaim due to its provocative political content.

Early Life and Education

Maxwell Dixon, better known by his rap name Grand Puba, was born March 4, 1966 in New Rochelle, New York. After beginning his rapping career with Masters of Ceremony (an unsuccessful group), Sadat X and Lord Jamar formed Brand Nubian together in 1998 and eventually took control.

One For All was widely lauded upon release in 1990 for its combination of political activism and spirituality to convey black pride. Grand Puba stayed with the group until 1992 when he moved on to solo work.

Puba has maintained his personal and romantic life in relative anonymity. He is single, without children, a member of the Church of God, owns a dog named Kiki and enjoys playing chess as hobbies.

Professional Career

Maxwell Dixon, more commonly known by his stage name Grand Puba, is an American rapper and member of hip hop collective Brand Nubian from New Rochelle, New York. Additionally, he founded First Priority Music record label.

Grand Puba made his first recording appearances after Brand Nubian released their 2004 record Fire in the Hole; appearing on tracks by Beanie Sigel (“Bread and Butter,” also featuring his groupmate Sadat X), Missy Elliott (“My Struggles,” featuring onetime collaborator Mary J. Blige) and Ugly Duckling (“Something’s Going Down Tonight”).

Grand Puba released their most recent album Black from the Future through Babygrande Records on April 15, 2016 featuring production from Big Sproxx, DJ PhD and Vance Wright among others. The singles Young Son and Foundation from this release can also be found. Earlier, Grand Puba had also released Reel to Reel 2000 and Understand This albums.

Achievement and Honors

Maxwell Dixon, also known by his stage name Grand Puba, first made his musical debut as part of Masters of Ceremony. Their debut album Dynamite received high critical acclaim but ultimately failed to sell well, leading them to disband shortly afterwards.

Reel to Reel was his debut solo effort and included production by Stimulated Dummies, Anthony Latief King, DJ Shabazz, Kid Capri, and The Brand New Heavies. Additionally he contributed tracks to other rappers’ albums like Big Daddy Kane’s The Score and Cormega’s The Pressure.

Puba debuted his album Retroactive under Babygrande Records and later this year released Black from the Future with “The Beat Change”, celebrating Hip-Hop’s progression and its impactful effect on culture.

Personal Life

Maxwell Dixon aka Grand Puba made his musical debut with Masters of Ceremony in 1984, their album Dynamite garnering critical acclaim but failing to sell due to lack of sales led them to disband and become part of Brand Nubian collective as lead emcee.

Diamond D has also appeared on various albums by artists such as Showbiz & AG, O.C and Diamond D, while his work can also be heard on rapper Fat Joe’s 1993 debut album Represent, alongside Apache and Kool G Rap rappers.

Puba released his fourth solo album Retroactive in 2009, featuring production from hip-hop veterans such as Q-Tip, Large Professor, Kid Capri and Brand Nubians like Kid Capri. As of now he remains single, although in the past has had romantic relationships with Mary J Blige.

Net Worth

Maxwell Dixon aka Grand Puba is an American rapper and member of Brand Nubian, being born March 4, 1966 with an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

His collaborations with hip hop artists like Lord Jamar, Sadat X and DJ Stud Doogie include Lord Jamar, Sadat X and DJ Stud Doogie; he has also worked on soundtracks for movies. Reel to Reel was his solo album released in 1992.

He is currently single and prefers to keep his personal life private. He enjoys sports and spending his free time outdoors; has an engaging sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh; travels frequently for work purposes and is an excellent cook; enjoys hanging out with his friends and family as much as possible.

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