Guyanese Rappers

SAINt JHN has emerged as one of the hottest Guyanese rappers on the music scene. His hit ‘Brown Skin Girl’ featuring Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter has taken off globally.

SAINt JHN spent his early years traveling back and forth between Brooklyn and Guyana, providing him with exposure to two distinct cultures that would form his musical style.

Early Life and Education

Guyanese music may be relatively new on the scene, yet it has already made quite an impactful statement. Combining elements from reggae, soca and chutney music, its lyrics often explore themes of love, social issues and national pride. Popularity has grown rapidly both within Guyana and among diaspora communities alike. Carlos St. John Phillips is among the more notable Guyanese rappers and is commonly referred to by his artist name SAINt JHN. Born in Brooklyn, SAINt JHN spent his formative years living between both countries – America and Guyana – taking in both cultures. He hopes one day to return home and give back to young people there while inspiring other youngsters to follow their dreams regardless of background.

Professional Career

Rappers often work alone when creating their music, recording in either their personal studio or at home before traveling for performances or other professional opportunities. Marketing efforts help build audiences while expanding reach in the music industry.

Loyle Carner hails from Guyanese descent and was inspired by dancehall icons Buju Banton and Tony Matterhorn when growing up. His distinctive vocal style stands out among his peers with sharp yet melodic lyricism that stands the test of time.

Carlos St. John Phillips, commonly referred to by his artist name SAINt JHN, released the song “Brown Skin Girl,” an artistic look at colorism which was nominated for a VMA in 2021. Phillips founded one of Britain’s first multiracial pop groups called The Equals that helped pioneer the genre ringbang.

Achievement and Honors

Martin Wylde Carter is an award-winning Guyanese poet and political activist best known for his writings of resistance, protest, and revolution. His works are considered some of the most notable in Caribbean region.

Mortimer Softley, more popularly known by his stage name Natural Black, is an accomplished Guyanese reggae singer and has received multiple accolades, such as winning the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

SAINt JHN (born Carlos St. John Phillips), hailing from Guyanese origins but living in the US since 2009, has won two Grammy awards this year and been nominated for three Video Music Awards (VMAs) including his song ‘Brown Skin Girl’ featuring Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter and Nigerian singer WizKid who was nominated as best music video at VMAs this year.

Personal Life

Young Toronto rapper Khalid has made waves with his music, climbing to number four on Billboard’s Top 100 charts and winning two VMA awards: Push Performer and Best R&B Song with “Brown Skin Girl”, which featured singer Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy Carter as guest performers.

Red Cafe hailing from Guyanese parents has been signed to multiple record labels including Fabolous’ Street Family Records, Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Recordings, Akon’s Konvict Muzik and Mack 10’s Hoo-Bangin Records – with numerous popular rappers among his ghostwriting clients.

Loyle Carner (aka Ben Coyle-Larner), a Guyanese rapper from London, addresses intimate, personal matters in his songs. Raised by his single mother and having experienced difficulties with his father during childhood – an aspect which his 2022 Mercury Prize-nominated album Hugo makes clear – Loyle Carner explores such matters through song.

Net Worth

Though music is an exploding industry, some rappers struggle to break through. This may be due to taking on all of the obligations associated with being a celebrity.

However, Saint Jhn has managed to succeed and keep growing as a rapper. Boasting an estimated net worth of $5 Million as of 2023, this Guyanese artist has achieved incredible success through hard work and dedication.

Saint Jhn was born in America but holds dual citizenship with Guyana as well. He attended high school there before attending South Shore High School in Brooklyn, New York for secondary studies. Additionally, Saint Jhn has written songs for several popular artistes like Kanye West, Jidenna, Usher Hoodie Allen and Rihanna, contributing songs and lyrics as well as being published in books like ‘Sounds Like London’.

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