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Hadley Palmer’s Connecticut Court File Is Sealed

Almost two months after Hadley Palmer was arrested in October for videotaping and photographing sexual images of three people without their knowledge, the case file was sealed by a Stamford Superior Court judge. This decision was controversial, because many details were kept out of public view. It also raised questions about preferential treatment. Legal experts say it’s unusual for a criminal case to be sealed so quickly.

The case against Hadley Palmer is a complex one, involving several felonies. Her plea agreement in January stipulated that she would serve at least 90 days in prison, then serve at least five years on probation. In addition to the felony charges, she was also charged with a second-degree child pornography charge.

As part of her plea bargain, Hadley Palmer agreed to serve 90 days in jail and to register as a sex offender for at least ten years. Her lawyer said this was to ensure that the minimum sentence was met. However, Palmer could petition the court for total exoneration of the other two counts of voyeurism.

The arrest occurred just after Greenwich police and the State’s Attorney’s office in Stamford had cited the presence of a minor in the room, according to Captain Mark Zuccerella. The teenagers were discovered at the house of Palm Ventures, a company owned by Bradley and Hadley Palmer. In October, Palmer applied for accelerated rehabilitation, but she later withdrew the application.

Palmer has four children, including three young adults, with Bradley. She has contacts in six other states, including Arizona and Colorado. Her lawyer did not return a comment request. She has been involved in a contentious divorce since 2020.

In January, Palmer pleaded guilty to the three voyeurism charges, as well as a risk of injury to a minor. In February, she began serving the first 90 days of her sentence in a women’s prison in Niantic, Connecticut. The remaining 20 years will be served on probation.

In addition to the charge of voyeurism, Palmer was charged with the felony of second-degree child pornography, which is a class D felony. She was also charged with violating a condition of release, which is a first-degree class D felony. During her sentencing hearing, Palmer did not speak. She only answered yes or no questions from the judge.

A report by the Associated Press prompted the court to make the charges public. The reporter asked for Palmer’s name and address. The prosecutor reportedly objected, but the record was sealed. The judge’s response was to include a summary of the sealed documents in his ruling.

After Palmer’s arrest, it was reported that her family has lived in six states. Her father, hedge fund pioneer Jerrold Fine, started one of the first hedge funds in Westport, CT. There is also a Palmer residence in Belle Haven, a wealthy neighborhood in Greenwich. The house is valued at $10 million. The property is located at 98 Glenwood Drive.

Hadley Palmer is married to financier Bradley Ca Palmer. They were wed in New York City in 1992, and they have four children.

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