Haribo Gummy Bear Shoes

PUMA x Haribo Gummy Bear Shoes

PUMA has teamed up with the king of licorice, Haribo, on a series of limited edition shoes that pay tribute to two of Haribo’s most popular candies. The collaboration consists of new versions of the Street Rider and AC-Pro models. These sneakers will be available for purchase on May 20. They will retail for between $25 and $80. They are available in adult, junior and infant sizes. They will be available at Puma stores and online. You can also purchase them at Champs and Footlocker.

The collaboration is in celebration of Haribo’s centennial of its flagship gummy bears. The brand is currently building its first North American manufacturing facility, which is scheduled to open in 2023. As part of its marketing campaign, Haribo is offering a weeklong vacation to four lucky winners. In addition to the aforementioned shoes, PUMA has also developed a range of candy-colored merchandise. The most popular items in the collection include an assortment of graphic tees, graphic sweatshirts and shorts. The company has also updated its packaging and updated flavors of its popular gummies.

The gummy bear may not be the first candy that comes to mind when you think of gummies, but Haribo is actually the inventor of the gummy. The brand was first established in 1920 by German confectioner Hans Riegel Sr. Haribo’s early years were spent in Germany, where the brand experimented with hard candies and eventually sold in major retailers. However, World War II interrupted the company’s growth. After the war, Haribo expanded throughout Europe. Haribo’s gummies grew in popularity, and it became a staple in European and American pop culture. Eventually, the brand was rebranded as Goldbears, and a new generation of gummies landed on the scene.

Among the most interesting shoes in the collection are the RS-X3 model. This sneaker is a homage to Haribo’s Sour Goldbears, and features a unique gummy-inspired color palette. It is also equipped with a gummy bear on the tongue, and the company’s gummy tag branding on the heel. In addition, the shoe’s gummy-like sole is transparent, giving the appearance of gummies tangled in the shoe.

The PUMA x Haribo collection includes the RS-X3 model, an updated version of the Street Rider, and a pair of tonal suede sneakers. The latter two will be available in July. The RS-X3 shoe will feature a Haribo gummy candy on the tongue, and the company’s Goldbear hangtag on the heel. It will also feature a gummy-inspired color palette, synthetic material, and a synthetic heel. It is also equipped with ultra-cushioned Rider Foam, and is qualified for free shipping.

The Puma x Haribo RS-X3 is the biggest shoe in the collection. Its gummy-inspired color palette is designed to pay tribute to Haribo’s Sour Goldbears, which will be available in June. It is also equipped with a slew of other cool features, including a gummy-inspired keychain, and an ultra-cushioned Rider Foam midsole. In addition, the sneaker’s gummy-inspired color palette is qualified for free shipping.

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