Hayden Daniel

Hayden Daniel

Hayden Daniel is an esteemed biblical educator and author, having published numerous books as well as hosting “A Word from the Word”, a daily two-minute radio program on Christianity. Furthermore, he offers online Bible study resources.

He currently oversees both men’s and women’s golf teams at UAFS and has an extensive coaching background both collegiately and privately.

Early Life and Education

Hayden was an extreme extrovert who enjoyed exploring new places and making new acquaintances. He always had an urge to help others, which made him an incredible role model to his daughter Reese.

Hayden served in multiple command and staff positions from platoon leader to battalion executive officer throughout his military career, completing five combat deployments as well.

After graduating from Rutgers, Hayden worked at a law firm as an associate lawyer, progressing through clerk and then mortgage litigation positions before finding his true calling: Makerspace. There he uses an arsenal of tools and equipment ranging from laser cutters to embroidery machines — an experience open and free to all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff members alike.

Professional Career

Hayden graduated from Rutgers with a law degree, clerked for a family court judge and participated in mortgage litigation before joining a private firm. Unfortunately, however, Hayden quickly felt like his career wasn’t progressing and decided to follow his passion of woodworking instead.

He founded a makerspace at his church to encourage individuals to follow their passions and build things from scratch. Furthermore, he takes great care to use recycled or salvaged materials whenever possible.

Hayden also enjoys professional wrestling and was instrumental in organizing a show reuniting original GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling wrestlers. Additionally, she holds an extensive background as a corporate attorney conducting investigations of misconduct, fraud, conflicts of interest and policy violations.

Achievement and Honors

He has been named head men’s and women’s golf coach at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Since 2012, his coaching efforts have led the team to four Heartland Conference Tournament appearances with a runner-up finish this past spring.

He serves as the NCAA Division II Junior Golf Program Coordinator at his school, while in his military career Hayden earned three Bronze Star Medals, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal and two Commendation Medals.

Hayden also makes time to play violin as part of his professional endeavors and is a member of Chattanooga Music Club; recently awarded with a scholarship to pursue undergraduate violin studies at Georgia Tech; concertmaster for CSAS Symphonic Strings; graduate of Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts as well as Sewannee Summer Music Festival; concertmaster of CSAS Symphonic Strings

Personal Life

Hayden is an extreme extrovert who delights in experiencing new places, meeting people, and helping those around him. In his free time he plays sports and works on his family’s farm; additionally he’s an expert at fine carpentry with expertise in trim work, furniture assembly and framing projects.

He serves as both men’s and women’s golf coach at UAFS, having extensive coaching experience both at college level as well as tournament events.

Hayden is a skilled musician who plays violin professionally. He is an active member of both the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra and CSAS Symphonic Strings ensembles, receiving both scholarships from them respectively for undergraduate violin studies. Since 1983, his family farm has been dedicated to humane livestock production practices.

Net Worth

Hayden owns an adorable pit bull named Rambo, whom he often posts pictures of on Instagram. Hayden enjoys hot tubbing, baked potatoes and country music but places most importance on his pet.

Hayden served as Director of Cash Advances and Underwriting Process at Go 2 Legal Funding for over six years, overseeing their cash advances and underwriting processes and working closely with staff to ensure clients received fast, reliable funding solutions.

Hayden is an American citizen of white ethnicity who enjoys all that the United States offers in terms of freedoms and opportunities. Hayden also takes great pleasure in giving back by supporting St Jude Children’s Research Hospital through social media posts on his account.

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