Heather Daniel

Heather Daniel, VP of Sales at Swope Design Group

Heather has been an invaluable pillar of support to Daniel during his struggles with Phyllis. She helped raise Lucy as his own, as well as being an incredible stepmother.

She hopes to win back Daniel’s affection, but will face competition from Lily who also seems interested.

Early Life and Education

Heather Daniel was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and currently works as a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Boston College. For over 20 years now she has worked at Sturdy Hospital as part of their staff; enjoying their jobs because it plays such a crucial role in her life and that of her family.

She enjoys participating in campus activities that support women in science and address equity and diversity concerns, with particular delight at having the chance to influence policy decisions while making an impactful difference for her colleagues.

She teaches piano and has served as an accompanimentist at Suzuki Association of Georgia graduation recitals from 2012-2018, Peachtree Charter Middle School band students participating in Georgia Music Educator’s Association fall and spring solo performance evaluations since 2008 as well as audition accompanist for vocalists, instrumentalists, as well as Tim Redovian annual scholarship concert since 2008.

Professional Career

Heather has been with Swope Design Group for more than a decade, contributing her knowledge and skills in Space Planning, Computer Drafting, Field Surveying & Finish Selection to make her an indispensable member of our team.

AntiGravity provides aerial performances for theme park gigs and international tours including USO performances at Okinawa & Guantanamo Naval Bases, with co-owner and program director Alison overseeing classes, schedules, student performances, apprentice programs, casting auditions & student accounts at her National Training Facility for Aerial Arts location.

Daniel Zumarraga became her partner during season 11. At first, she prosecuted him and his wife for murder; however, as time progressed they began flirting and ultimately began dating.

Achievement and Honors

Heather’s work has been honored with several prestigious awards and honors, such as winning both the Harvard Review/Daniel Pollock Poetry Prize and Boston Book Review’s Bingham Poetry Prize, as well as being honored with Lila Wallace/Reader’s Digest Writing Awards. Hinge & Sign: Poems 1968-1993 was published by Wesleyan University Press.

She has served Sturdy Hospital in various capacities, such as director of nursing and patient care, police officer, and has earned multiple departmental awards during this time.

Jack and Phyllis often mentioned her on The Young and the Restless. In 2012 she stood by Daniel when he prosecuted his mother for running over Paul Williams and Christine Blair; during this process they both developed feelings for each other while continuing with their jobs at once. It proved challenging however to do both properly while maintaining a relationship.

Personal Life

Michael Graziadei’s character of Daniel Romalotti returned to Genoa City last year and it quickly became evident that something was amiss; both Heather and Lucy were nowhere to be found.

Heather had been prosecuting Daniel for Daisy’s murder when she learned that Ricky planted the bloody scarf, leading him to kill Daisy as self-defense. This made it difficult for Heather to remain impartial when representing Daniel in court – making him angry that Heather was prosecuting him rather than supporting his cause.

Heather is now happily married and enjoys life with her spouse. They share an enduring bond between mother and daughter that runs deep.

Net Worth

Given her success in the financial industry, she must be reaping significant financial rewards. According to Glassdoor’s estimates, vice presidents of sales typically earn an annual average salary of $363,345 which suggests she should have no trouble affording such an endeavor.

She enjoys an outstanding family life; she is happily married to longtime partner Daniel Zumarraga and they share an adorable daughter together who is likely 7 or 8 years old.

Since 2008, she has made over 29 trades of Assertio stock since filing Form 4 with the SEC in 2008. Of those transactions, her largest was exercising 96,309 units worth more than $4,539,043. As of 19 May 2023 she still owned 187,650 units in Assertio.

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