Heidi George

Heidi George is a Successful Lawyer and Health Coach

Heidi George is a lawyer who specializes in assisting lawyers with ethical dilemmas. Additionally, she represents healthcare clients on regulatory matters.

She was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario on December 18, 1984 and passed away February 8, 2016. Survived by her family members, she enjoyed teaching and making people laugh.

Early Life and Education

Although a degree in early childhood education may not lead directly to employment in that field, the skills you develop as an educator are highly transferrable.

Educators must possess the capacity to see into the lives of children they work with, and imagination is an invaluable asset in that pursuit. Not only must they be able to visualize desired outcomes for their students, but also dedicate themselves to taking creative steps toward making those goals come true.

Heidi George has extensive experience in early childhood education, having spent her formative years living and working abroad in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Kobe, Japan and Beijing. With a degree in history from Ohio State University under her belt, Heidi now resides on Columbus’ east side with her husband.

Professional Career

Heidi has dedicated herself to supporting women in their professional career, striving to help them gain ground and attain leadership roles. Her mission is to equip women with the necessary tools for success in the workplace.

She is also an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and health coach who helps clients cultivate unconditional friendship with themselves through increased awareness of their physical, spiritual, emotional, and nutritional well-being.

Heidi has extensive expertise advising clients nationwide on federal and state environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance; auditing for compliance; developing, implementing and auditing environmental management systems; as well as ISO 14001 requirements. Her advice helps her clients adhere to these regulations in a practical manner that takes into account both their objectives and costs.

Achievements and Honors

Heidi George has achieved remarkable success in many fields. Her career has taken her around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shantou and Chun ‘An (China), Copenhagen and Annecy (France).

Her accomplishments have earned her numerous honors and awards, including being named a MacArthur Foundation fellow, Fulbright scholar, and Honors College student.

Her play The Heidi Chronicles has earned a deserved reputation as a feminist classic. However, it’s largely seen as an engaging comedic drama that addresses an important issue facing modern women: their lack of independence in modern society.

Personal Life

Heidi George is both an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and certified health coach. Her passion is helping people become healthier through a deeper connection to their body and mind – both physically and spiritually.

She is also a competitive taekwondo athlete and has earned two State Championship titles.

Heidi and Ted married in 2007, but lived apart for several years. Heidi took an unpaid leave from Goldman Sachs to campaign for her husband, who went on to become Senator in 2013.

After his political career took off, Heidi made the choice to leave DC behind and move to Austin with Ted and their two daughters. She said it was an “emotional decision”.

Net Worth

Heidi Swedberg is a talented actress and musician best known for her role as Susan Ross on the popular television series Seinfeld. As of late 2016, her net worth had grown to $300 thousand dollars.

Native of Hawaii, she attended Sandia High School in Albuquerque before relocating to Kentucky and joining the Actors Theatre of Louisville. In 1989, she earned her first film role and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows.

She is also a member of The Sukey Jump Band, where she sings and plays the ukulele. With them, she released two albums – “Play!” and “My Cup of Tea” – on iTunes.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $300,000. This income comes from her career as an actress and musician, as well as from the films in which she has starred.

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