Henri Mastey

Henri Mastey

Henri Mastey, in addition to owning her namesake professional haircare brand, also operates racehorse breeding operations and owns boarding farms in central Kentucky. A graduate of Bowling Green State University and Cleveland State University.

Henri Mastey holds multiple patents across a range of industries and was honored with both the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and Legal Team Meritorious Service Award for her efforts.

Early Life and Education

In 1940, Henri Mastey lived with his mother and two sisters in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He attended Holy Name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School as well as Bishop Stang High school in Dartmouth; additionally, from 1943-1945 he worked as a Cadet Nurse and at a Doctor’s Office in Georgetown D.C.

Henri Mastey is an inventor with multiple patents to his name. Perhaps his most acclaimed invention is Traite Hydrating Shampoo; in addition, He has created products such as hair care and color products as well as skin care and makeup lines.

Henri Mastey leaves behind his wife Jean Muldoon Mastey of New Bedford; sons Henry and William B. Muldoon from New Bedford; daughters Mary Muldoon Bohan of Mattapoisett with Mark Bohan as her husband; his grandson Steven Walfield from Danvers; grandchildren Madeline, Molly and Sophia Mastey as well as Bridget Jacobson, Kate Wilson Meg Cole Ryan Charlotte Wilson Heather Anagnos and Jen Taube along with great-grandchildren Madeline and Sophie and Farley O’Donnell-Voyer from their extended family; great-grandchildren Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer is survived by twin Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer twin sisters Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer twins Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer twins Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer twin sisters Kelly O’Donnell-Voyer twin sisters Kelly and Farley O’Donnell-Voyer twin Kelly and Farley O’Donnell Voyer from their extended family as well.

Professional Career

After graduating nursing school, Mastey worked as a nurse in both doctor’s offices and hospitals; volunteering her services as a cadet nurse for the military; volunteering her services as a visiting nurse within the community. Mastey is mother to six children: Kathleen Muldoon Bohan of Mattapoisett, Henry Mastey from New Bedford, Patrick Muldoon (wife Eileen), Thomas Muldoon with wife Patricia from Mattapoisett; Mary Muldoon Walfield with husband Steven from Danvers; Mastey is also grandmother to eighteen and great-grandmother to thirteen.

Mastey decided to close his salon in order to focus on product business in the 1970s. He quickly established a research laboratory, manufacturing facility and warehouse under Mastey de Paris’ name; eventually becoming one of the premier professional haircare brands alongside Joico and Paul Mitchell.

Personal Life

Henri Mastey comes from a long line of beauty experts. His mother Tekla was a hairstylist in Morocco before moving to France with him.

Henri Mastey was an innovator in the salon industry and one of the first to introduce non-ammonia hair color, sulfate-free shampoos, and other revolutionary products that changed haircare forever. Additionally, Henri Mastey created his iconic Traite Hydrating Shampoo brand name.

Henri Mastey has created and patented several inventions. Based in Valencia, California he enjoys spending time with Alice F Holdych, Alissa C Swenson (Brian K Swenson’s sister), Bridget F Maron, Emma L Maron and Erick Calderon among many other friends and relatives. Erick has lived at various addresses such as Canyon Country’s 28031 Magic Mountain Ln and Valencia’s 25413 Rye Canyon Rd and has participated in multiple organizations or projects

Net worth

Henri has made 13 trades worth over $3,463,396 over the last 20 years, buying and selling VSTM stock totalling more than that amount. His most significant trade was purchasing 200,000 shares on May 7, 2013 for approximately $1.986,000.

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