Henri Merrick

Henri Merrick

Merrick spent time working as a bricklayer after being freed, helping lay down brick for one of North Carolina’s first historically Black colleges or universities, Shaw University. Additionally, he opened a barbershop which later sold for profit.

Henri Merrick resides in Columbia MD and practices pediatrician for both children with neuro-typical and neurodiverse conditions.

Early Life and Education

John Henry Merrick’s early life remains obscure. Born a slave in Clinton, North Carolina, and living with his mother and younger brother until after Union victory during the Civil War freed them all up, Merrick and his family were set free.

Merrick first worked in a brickyard, before becoming a brick mason during the construction of Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Later that same year he opened up a barbershop known as Hayti for black community members in Hayti and invested the profits into real estate investments.

At his core was philanthropy – providing middle-class jobs to Durham’s African American population while fueling his philanthropy in the community. He founded Merrick-Moore-Spaulding Realty Company with Aaron McDuffie Moore and Charles Clinton Spaulding to establish the Mechanics and Farmers Bank and Lincoln Hospital respectively.

Professional Career

Henri Merrick founded and co-founded several organizations and businesses dedicated to aiding African Americans, serving as both an insurance agent and broker. Despite being born into slavery with Jim Crow laws barring him from an education, Henri managed to make an impressionful mark on his community.

Henri was renowned in Durham, NC and made an indelible mark upon its black community as an influential business leader and influential citizen. Co-founding members of NC Mutual & Provident Association as well as Merrick Moore Spaulding Real Estate Company included Henri.

Henri currently resides in Columbia Maryland at 6171 Llanfair Dr, Columbia MD 21044 and practices pediatrician for neuro-typical and neuro-diverse children. She has 31 years of experience as a pediatrician. Henri believes that any illness or disability impacts everyone as a whole person.

Achievement and Honors

Henri Merrick is a pediatrician for neurotypical and neurodiverse children in Columbia Maryland. He earned both his undergraduate degree in chemistry and physics at Louisiana State University as well as a medical degree from Howard University School of Medicine.

Merrick managed to gain wealth and power despite living during an era when blacks were often degraded and seen as inferior through his business ventures. Durham’s black citizens saw Merrick as a sort of wizard for communicating effectively between himself and the white community.

Henri lives at 6171 Llanfair Dr in Columbia MD 21044 and has eight children from his two marriages, boasting a net worth of over one million dollars and owning both homes in Natchitoches LA as well as Columbia MD.

Personal Life

Merrick was described as being kind despite his extreme deformities, trying to navigate a society which saw him as an outcast. Additionally, he was an impressive businessman and founded various institutions which provided aid for black residents in Durham such as Mechanics and Farmers Bank and Merrick-Moore-Spaulding Real Estate Company.

He is the father of five children, 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and currently resides at 6171 Llanfair Dr in Columbia MD 21044.

Henri Merrick has extensive experience as both a pediatrician and researcher with the National Institute of Health. Specifically, his focus has been caring for individuals suffering from both genetic and acquired neurological debilitating conditions as well as their families over his over 30-year career in this field.

Net worth

Henri Merrick has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $20 Million through inheritance and earnings he generated as an attorney. Additionally, He owns various real estate assets and pension funds.

Early on, he gained valuable experience working in brickyards and barbering; with this knowledge in hand, he began companies which provided essential services to African Americans living in Durham, North Carolina. Furthermore, some of his commercial success was channeled back into supporting black communities via philanthropy.

Henri believes in ensuring free, fair, and secure elections so people can elect their representatives freely – his efforts on this front earned praise from industry veterans such as Woody Allen and Arthur Laurents.

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