Henri Wintermans

Henri Wintermans Cigars

Henri Wintermans, established in 1904, has earned a distinguished reputation for its use of high-grade tobacco leaves from Cuba, Indonesia and Columbia for producing miniature cigars with exceptional aroma and flavor profiles.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group owns and markets this brand worldwide in over 50 countries through Nobel Petit, Henri Wintermans and Cafe Creme as its key products.

Early Life and Education

Henri Wintermans was born and raised in the Dutch village of Duizel and began working for his father’s tobacco company at an early age. By 1900 he had established his own cigar-making firm that earned acclaim for blending top quality tobacco from Cuba, Indonesia, and Columbia to craft aromatic and flavorful cigars. In 1945 Henri sold his business to his son Adriaan but continued participating until his death in 1975 – his Cafe Creme cigar is particularly beloved in Britain where its market share dominates! Today Henri Wintermans cigars are manufactured in Eersel where they remain as popularly as ever!

Personal Life

Henri Wintermans founded his business in Duizel, Netherlands around 100 years ago. Over time he established an excellent reputation for crafting cigars featuring Cuban, Indonesian and Colombian tobaccos combining flavorful aroma with their respective nations’ tobaccos.

Henri and Sjaak built a successful business together, dominating domestic markets. When they decided to split the company in 1934, Henri moved his portion to Eersel where he hired Adriaan as his employee and focused on expanding into new markets.

Henri Wintermans is now producing over one billion cigars annually. Their global expansion means they now are part of Scandinavian Tobacco Group with sales reaching 50 countries around the globe. Henri Wintermans Slims have become a favorite choice among both newcomers and experienced cigar smokers, as they require no cutting to enjoy right out of the box!

Net worth

Henri Wintermans Cigars Belgium NV manufactures chewing and smoking tobacco products. The Company provides flavored smokeless tobacco, filtered cigars, cigarillos, cigarettes and cigarette filters. Henri Wintermans Cigars’ headquarter can be found in Eersel, Netherlands.

Henri Wintermans was established in 1904 and quickly rose to become one of the leading cigar brands. Now owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group and operating out of Eersel in The Netherlands.

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