Henry Acker

Henry Acker – Jazz Guitarist in the Style of Django Reinhardt

Henry Acker is an 18 year-old gypsy jazz guitarist who began performing since age 8. Since then he has shared the stage with internationally-acclaimed artists like Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola and Bireli Lagrene.

He currently leads his own trio with Victor and Dana as part of their legacy, earning multiple awards such as Downbeat Magazine Student Soloist of Guitar Soloist Award.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Pennsylvania to Casper Stoner, Michael Acker and Mary Acker on February 13th 1790 and had 12 siblings: John Acker Margaret Acker and 10 others.

He was baptized at his family church and received an inscribed taufschein which later served as proof of age when applying for his Civil War pension.

Catharine died in 1837 and was laid to rest at Lowhill Township Cemetery in Lehigh County. The Allentown Democrat noted her as one of the city’s “highly esteemed residents”.

Henry married Lulu Jane McCracken from Emmaus and had two children before he passed away on September 13th due to paresis, or lack of voluntary muscle movement, on that same date in Emmaus. It was reported in his obituary that Jonas had died just prior to Henry.

Professional Career

Henry Acker is a gifted and aspiring young gypsy jazz guitarist in the style of Django Reinhardt. Beginning professionally at age eight, Henry has performed alongside greats such as Frank Vignola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Julian Lage and Bireli Lagrene.

Acker plays Remi, an on-screen character trying to win over his mom’s boss’ daughter. His performance elevates this smaller section of the show.

He has an exciting future ahead as an actor and gypsy jazz player, captivating audiences worldwide with his musical abilities. His parents are immensely proud of his work and will provide endless support as his career expands even further in coming years.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Acker is an impressive young jazz guitarist emulating Django Reinhardt’s style. Since beginning to play at age 8, Henry Acker has already demonstrated exceptional talent and abilities far beyond his years. Performing alongside such legends as Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola, Julian Lage and Bireli Lagrene. Additionally he has performed alongside Gypsy jazz greats Samson Schmitt Mozes Rosenberg & Adrien Moignard has cemented him place as an artist to watch!

Henry has earned numerous accolades for his musical efforts. In 2019, he was honored with the NY ACKER Award, honoring Downtown avant-garde artists who may not always receive adequate recognition. Furthermore, several publications have showcased Henry’s music; currently playing alongside his father Victor and uncle Dana as part of Rhythm Future Quartet.

Personal Life

Henry Acker is an award-winning jazz guitarist renowned for his amazing guitar playing abilities far surpassing his years. Based in Boston, he performs exhilarating gypsy jazz repertoire and jazz standards alongside his father Victor Acker (guitar) and uncle Dana Acker (double bass). Both Victor and Dana Acker attended Berklee, as did Henry himself who has performed with jazz luminaries Bucky Pizzarelli and Frank Vignola among many others.

He married Lulu Stella Moyer (October 3, 1882-1946) whose parents were James F and Matilda W (Wetzel) Moyer of Lower Macungie. Together they had five known children.

Acker passed away from paresis on September 13, 1912, which is characterized by loss of voluntary muscle movement. He was interred at Lehigh Church Cemetery near Alburtis and featured in the Allentown Democrat obituary column.

Net Worth

Acker is well-known for her role as a judge on the syndicated court show Hot Beach. Additionally, she serves as both civil litigator and television pundit – her net worth stands at approximately USD 50,000.

He has performed at numerous festivals, sharing the stage with many legendary figures from both Gypsy Jazz and traditional jazz scenes such as Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Vignola, Julian Lage, Bireli Lagrene, Vic Juris as well as Jason Anick’s Rhythm Future Quartet.

He made his television debut as Donny in 2009 on Castle, then Jason DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars the following year. Acker also featured as Remi Delatour in Insidious Handmaids that same year; other projects in development for 2021 include sci-fi thriller The Last Survivors. Acker is American of Caucasian descent.

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