Henry Burnett

Henry Burnett

Henry Lawrence Burnett served the Union during the American Civil War as Brevet Brigadier General and prosecuted Abraham Lincoln’s assassination trial, before eventually dying of blood loss himself in Youngstown, Ohio in 1838.

Burnett successfully combined his recording career with producing work for others, such as Los Lobos’ critically acclaimed major-label debut and two albums by Elvis Costello: King of America and Spike.

Early Life and Education

Henry Burnett was an esteemed attorney at Miami law firm Fowler White Burnett and a prominent figure in South Florida’s legal community, being active with both Dade County Defense Bar Association and Florida Defense Lawyers Association.

Burnett produced several reality shows that did not find wide audience appeal, including The Restaurant and The Apprentice – with him portraying billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump on The Apprentice.

Truth Decay and Trap Door were released as solo albums during the 1980s to mixed reviews but disappointing sales figures. Their lyrics dealt with everyday issues of personal hypocrisy, daily compromise, and faithless love – yet both featured top studio support including Ry Cooder of Los Lobos as well as David Hidalgo from Los Lobos appearing as studio musicians on each track.

Professional Career

Burnett not only practiced law, but he was an active member of several companies and non-profits’ Boards of Directors, spent significant time researching family genealogy, and was an American Bar Association and Florida Bar member.

He was an experienced trial lawyer specializing in insurance defense. He handled claims of professional liability, personal injury and wrongful death as part of his practice before State and Federal Courts with great success.

His clients included several major South Florida medical schools. He co-authored a law review article on malpractice laws in Florida as well as various publications about legal matters.

Achievement and Honors

Burnett has left his mark on music throughout four decades of work as an influential producer, working with artists like Elvis Costello, the Wallflowers, Delaney & Bonnie and Gillian Welch – to name just a few.

Burnett explored various styles throughout his 80s career, from rockabilly with Truth Decay and Trap Door to song-oriented albums like Criminal Under My Own Hat. Additionally, he produced Roy Orbison concert special Black and White Night.

Burnett has twice received an AAG Honor, for both research and teaching. These honors are granted based on nomination dossiers that contain three or more letters of support documenting contributions made to geography by candidates; individuals cannot be nominated multiple times in one category.

Personal Life

Henry Burnett was a Union soldier and prosecutor during the Lincoln assassination trials, acting in addition as a lawyer, founding various firms such as Emott, Burnett & Hammond in New York (comprising Judge James Emott and Henry B. Hammond) as well as Bristow Peet Burnett Opdyke with Benjamin Bristow and William Peet in 1875 and representing English bondholders in Emma mine litigation.

Personal life: He married singer Leslie Phillips in the late ’80s, with whom he collaborated on projects including A Boot and a Shoe, two Elvis Costello albums called King of America and Spike as well as Episcopalian worship services at church and two daughters from his first marriage as well as one son from his second.

Net Worth

T Bone Burnett currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $16 Million due to his work as a record producer and soundtrack composer.

As an artist manager and producer for TV shows like Nashville and True Detective, he has helped launch and revive careers of artists like the Counting Crows, Los Lobos, Alison Krauss. Additionally, he has helped launch careers such as those of Counting Crows, Los Lobos and Alison Krauss.

He founded music production company DMZ and has gone on to win numerous nominations and awards over time, such as Grammy and Academy awards for his contributions to Roy Orbison, Natalie Merchant, The Wallflowers, Elvis Costello, k.d. lang and other albums as well as film soundtracks. Additionally he is married with two daughters and an Episcopalian.

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