Henry CM100

Henry CM100 Membrane

Henry CM100 is a fast curing, elastomeric, solvent free moisture curing waterproofing compound designed to be applied using either two ply system or single application techniques and curing through airborne moisture reaction to create an impervious rubber-like membrane that provides superior waterproofing protection.

This damp-proofing covers the foundation wall to form a capillary break and prevent moisture from rising up into wood frame walls from rising above. Please refer to Henry CM100 Guide Specifications for complete application instructions.

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Henry CM100 is a cold-applied fluid waterproofing/roofing membrane designed to provide a weather resistant barrier against hydrostatic pressure, vapor penetration and hydrostatic head. It can be applied either high build or single coat. Product can be applied in various applications including high strength reinforced systems for waterproofing/roofing applications such as podium decks, plaza decks and roof terraces; as well as for IRMA roof assemblies, tunnels planters and foundation walls. Acceptable substrates include cast-in-place and precast concrete, gypsum board, plywood and surface water. Surfaces must also be free from surface water, ice, snow or frost as well as oil, grease or curing compounds that might impede proper bonding with Henry CM100.

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