Henry Gartland

Henry Gartland – The Rise and Fall of a Rising Star

Henry Gartland, 22, recently made headlines after taking his own life and leaving many sponsors including Santa Cruz behind in Minneapolis.

Now, his company is paying tribute to him by unveiling what would have been his first pro model board, complete with bold graphics that make this an irresistibly collectible item.

Early Life and Education

Henry Gartland was an up-and-comer in the skateboarding community at just 22 years old when he died by apparent suicide. His death stunned and baffled many members, and many are left to wonder what led up to this tragic turn of events.

He had been struggling with depression, yet no obvious cause could be identified for his suicide. After his passing, his sponsors issued an emotionally charged statement of sorrowful condolences.

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Professional Career

Gartland was an accomplished professional skateboarder who featured in multiple videos. Here he teams up with Maurio McCoy to put Santa Cruz’s Powerply board through its paces in this video and film some raw footage for Mob Grips as well.

Skateboarding is an insular community and so the death of Henry Gartland last January sent shockwaves through it all. A rising star in skateboarding, Henry was poised to become an everyday name.

Santa Cruz Skateboards released an amazing tribute video in his honor this year: https://henrygartland.com/videos.html; it runs 22 minutes long but definitely worth your time!

Achievement and Honors

Skateboarding communities across the world are reeling following Henry Gartland’s untimely death at such an early stage of his career, which his sponsor Santa Cruz Skateboards confirmed by informing fans and athletes alike of his suicide attempt. Many skateboarders took to social media in mourning his departure and to share their emotions over this loss.

Gartland stands out not only with his athletic accomplishments, but also academically. He earned the Georgia Certificate of Merit award, given to students in the top 5 percent of their class based on GPA.

As part of his college career at Stonehill, he earned inclusion on Stonehill’s Division II Northeast 10 Academic Honor Roll all seven semesters. Additionally, he received the Father William Gartland, CSC Senior Scholar-Athlete Award twice during this period.

Personal Life

He was an up-and-coming skateboarder with several video parts online. His sudden and tragic death came as a shock to family, friends and sponsors alike; suicide being the cause. His family have set up a foundation in his honor with a focus on brain health as well as providing helmets to those in need.

Gartland leaves behind his wife and children; his death is a great loss for the skating community, who were inspired by him. If you or anyone you know needs support, don’t hesitate to seek it – Lifeline offers 24/7 helpline hotlines as well as 24/7 texting/text-messaging confidential support and crisis centers across Australia are available if necessary.

Net Worth

Skateboarding’s world is in mourning following the news of 22-year-old rising star Henry Gartland’s sudden and shocking death this morning, as reported by Santa Cruz Skateboards (his sponsor). Although circumstances surrounding his suicide remain unclear, it appears he took his own life back in January.

Beamon was best-known for his incredible skill at riding and grinding stunt rails – most notably the Kinker, a curved and kinked stair rail. Additionally, his skills were highlighted in numerous skateboarding videos which showcased them.

Thomas Gartland’s estimated net worth exceeds $3 Million dollars, as per information filed with the SEC. Over 15 years he has engaged in over 15 trades of ABM Industries stock according to this information.

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