Henry Henson

The Life of Henry Henson

Henson served as Robert Peary’s aide on his Arctic expeditions. He became familiar with Inuit language and equipment maintenance while accompanying Peary on April 6, 1909 when he claimed he had reached the North Pole.

Appellees asserted they are members of the Women’s Missionary Society of the Methodist Church in Texarkana, Texas; that they were selected delegates for its East Texas District Meeting or Conference at College Station;

Early Life and Education

Henson’s childhood was marred by hardship and racial tension. After his father was attacked and had his ear cut off by white slave raiders, Henson and his mother became estranged. Later he studied Methodist doctrine before journeying with his family through Kentucky, Indiana, and finally Ohio before Tom taught Henson how to read for an extraordinary turning point in his life.

Henson auditioned for “The Junior Morning Show,” an educational children’s show broadcast by CBS that ran for only two episodes, but which nonetheless helped launch his career as a puppeteer. Over his lifetime, Henson gained renewed national renown: being admitted into the Explorers Club in 1937 and receiving duplicate Peary Polar Expedition Medals from Congress.

Professional Career

Henry Hensor was no stranger to multisport competition. Known best as an NFL quarterback and later winning the Heisman Trophy, Henry participated in numerous golf tournaments over his illustrious career.

Henson became an excellent and charismatic speaker, memorizing verses to connect with audiences and drawing upon his eloquence for maximum effect. Additionally, he became a prolific writer and advocate for social reform.

Henson will take his physical Wednesday and has already experienced playing in both minor league and two big-league organizations. Recently, Henson returned to New York after being traded to Cincinnati in 2013 in exchange for journeyman outfielder Michael Coleman – and according to Casey Close of Henson’s agent firm “he is in an ideal situation where he has all options open to him – be that football, baseball or whatever.” As a high school senior he holds plenty of leverage.

Achievement and Honors

At Camp Jesup, a bronze bust of Henson in Arctic gear sits atop a monument with an inset plaque depicting their journey to reach the North Pole alongside four Inuit assistants and globes that show where in the world they made their discovery.

Henson and Peary completed a remarkable expedition that showcased amazing skill, knowledge and perseverance to reach the North Pole in 1909. Their feat is widely considered one of the greatest in Arctic exploration history and marked a crucial achievement for African Americans.

The UF community has come together to honor Henson for his devotion and sacrifice, setting an inspiring example that we all can follow in fighting racism and following our dreams. His life inspires us all!

Personal Life

Henson leaves behind his wife, Amanda Henson; three of his four children (Trisha Ray, Becca Ray and Mariah Henson); as well as several grandchildren. Additionally he had seven siblings.

Josiah Henson detailed his experiences as a slave in his 1849 autobiography The Life of Josiah Henson, Formerly a Slave and Now an Inhabitant of Canada as Narrated by Himself, which became an instant best seller and published multiple times over. Harriet Beecher Stowe used this narrative as the foundation for her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Henson recounts in his book how his family fled Kentucky by walking, with Henson carrying two of the youngest children on his back, through a wilderness path until being rescued by Native Americans. At an important juncture in their journey, one of Henson’s sons offered to teach Henson how to read; an event which resulted in profound changes for Henson himself.

Net Worth

Henson was an experimental filmmaker, nominated for an Academy Award with his short film Time Piece (1965), while Youth ’68: Everything’s Changing — or Maybe It Isn’t (1968) explored youth culture through rebellion and protest movements.

He made his mark as both an accomplished character actor and screenwriter. Perhaps best known as Gollum from Lord of the Rings trilogy, but with many stage, TV and movie roles under his belt as well.

Henson prefers to keep his personal life and relationships private, so we will inform you as soon as we learn anything about their dating status and history.

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