Henry Hester

Henry Hester – Architecture and Personal Injury Attorney

Henry Hester is an Arizona-based litigator with 48 years of experience practicing personal injury law and currently works for Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals.

Hester was an individual known for taking great pleasure in his work. Known for his strong reasoning abilities and profound pathos, Hester was known for taking pride in every task undertaken.

Early Life and Education

Henry Hester was an accomplished architect with an expansive portfolio. His designs included both residential and commercial structures. His projects were featured in multiple architectural publications and books. Henry also enjoyed various hobbies like auto racing and golfing – always striving to excel in each pursuit he pursued. Hester was truly dedicated and dedicated to success in everything he undertook.

Hester was a diehard supporter of Arsenal FC. He served as coach to their youth teams and wore their shirt until Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh left for Barcelona in 2021. Additionally, Hester has appeared as a pundit on Sky Sports. Additionally, Hester’s extensive Arsenal memorabilia collection included their iconic number 12 jersey worn by players such as Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh during their time there.

Professional Career

Henry Hester was an esteemed California architect. His designs included numerous single-family homes, commercial structures and beach-front residences that were showcased in Dwell Magazine as well as hard cover books.

After graduating from USC in 1947, he started his architecture career with Kenneth N. Lind and Lloyd Ruocco in Los Angeles before moving on to La Jolla where he served various firms as an architect.

Hester was also an esteemed skateboarder. He expertly navigated La Jolla and Pacific Beach’s back streets, steep hills, alleys and alleyways with ease while sharing his knowledge with later generations like Bob Skoldberg.

Henry brings extensive litigation experience, including trial work. He frequently works with investigators, accident reconstruction experts, engineering and other liability experts on behalf of injured clients.

Personal Life

Henry Hester was a man with many interests and talents. He excelled at anything requiring skill and commitment; whether surfing, sailing or architecture were among his specialities, Hester was constantly working towards improvement.

Cum Laude graduated from Arizona State University College of Law in 1974 and has since practiced law in Arizona for over 42 years, focusing on personal injury and wrongful death cases.

He was the proud father of two daughters and grandfather to an extended family that includes Megan Scheffer, Kacy Mount, Christian Cooper, Mark Cooper and Tyler Cooper. Henry also loved riding mats – often found cruising San Diego beaches on one – earning himself the moniker “Mats Henry”. An icon among surf community.

Net Worth

Henry Ford was an automotive engineer and businessman who amassed immense wealth through his automobile company, Ford Motor Co. Its revolutionary Model T changed the face of automobile manufacturing forever and reached out to an even wider market than previously anticipated. A master in both business and engineering disciplines, his net worth stood at an estimated $188 billion at his death at age 83 years.

He led an extravagant lifestyle at his Dearborn estate known as Fair Lane and spent most of his time there with his wife and son Edsel.

He understood the key to winning any case was preparation, working closely with investigators, accident reconstruction experts, engineers and liability experts to put cases together for trial. Furthermore, he had access to a network of financial experts for settlement negotiations.

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