Henry Huber

Henry Huber

Henry Huber served as CFI’s Assistant Director of Communications from 2001-2014, editing both its e-newsletter and blog, Free Thinking. Prior to that he also oversaw national distribution for Humanist Perspective.

Born in Evergreen, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and relocated with his family to Pleasant Springs in Dane County Wisconsin for higher education at the University of Wisconsin he established a law practice in Stoughton.

Early Life and Education

Henry Huber was born in Evergreen, Allegheny County Pennsylvania in 1869 and moved with his family to Pleasant Springs in Dane County Wisconsin when he was 10 years old. After attending the University of Wisconsin and setting up a law practice he attended both city council meetings and county board meetings while simultaneously serving on city council, county board, Progressive Republican legislative body (state assemblyman senator lieutenant governor etc), pioneered unemployment insurance legislation for American legislatures & was an avid proponent of La Follette Progressivism.

He is survived by his wife Virginia Smith Huber; daughters Cynthia Huber Lewis of Savannah GA and Caroline Huber Hester from Los Altos CA; grandchildren Brandon Griffin (Liana), Los Altos CA and Elizabeth Sazegari from Macon GA; great-grandchildren Clayton Hester and Sarah Griffin as well as numerous nieces, nephews, cousins.

Professional Career

Huber was selected by the Detroit Red Wings in the first round of the 1978 NHL Amateur Draft and rapidly rose through their ranks to become one of their premier defencemen. Winning both Memorial Cup and World Junior Championship tournaments with Hamilton Fincups in 1976 as well as representing Canada at 1977 and 1978 World Junior Championships were highlights in his career. His combination of size and skill made him an invaluable member of Detroit’s power play as well as an all-around defenceman.

After playing for the Buffalo Sabres for six seasons, he went on to join New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, and Philadelphia Flyers during which time he became one of the tallest and heaviest players in NHL. At 6’5″ and 228 lb he became one of the premier players during this ten year tenure.

Fubini joined Huber’s board in March 2017. He is an esteemed senior lecturer at Harvard Business School as well as Henry B. Arthur Fellow. Additionally, he led McKinsey’s Global Merger Management Practice supporting transactions, mergers and integrations during his time there as partner.

Achievement and Honors

Huber was also known for his deep commitment to both philanthropy and travel. He served as president of the Rotary Club of Savannah as well as being an active member of St Paul’s Lutheran Church where he served on both its Property Committee and Usher team.

Hanover College established the Henry Huber Scholarship to recognize his legacy, awarding funding for students who exhibit exceptional academic achievement. Graduating seniors who demonstrate scholarship, character, world-mindedness, social skills and understanding were selected this year as recipients of this prestigious award. Simanta Barman from Civil and Industrial and Systems Engineering Transportation under Michael Levin and Mingfeng Shang under Raphael Stern were both named winners and will each receive $20K from The Henry Huber Foundation.

Personal Life

Henry Karl Huber was born in Zurich, Switzerland and died at Savannah/Ogeechee Canal Society member at age 83. A 25 year Air Force Veteran himself.

Former cashier of the People’s Bank of Kentucky, he enjoyed an impeccable business standing. Boasting an expansive farm, his neighbors held him in high regard.

He enjoyed nature and was noted for the beauty of his home. A strong religious believer, he attended church regularly. To further express these beliefs he founded a country church near his home that served as an elder. Additionally he belonged to Charles M. Howell Lodge 496 Millersville Valley of Lancaster 14th Degree Harrisburg Consistory 32nd Degree Masons.

Net Worth

Find the current net worth of Huber as well as his salary, earnings, income & properties. Gain insight into his home, cars & lifestyle costs.

Huber currently possesses an estimated net worth of at least $2 Million dollars based on Form 4 insider trade and ownership reports filed with the SEC. As of 15 July 2023 he had conducted over 89 trades of eBayL stock.

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