Henry Hurst

Henry Hurst

Hurst Spit is an unspoiled area ideal for bird watching, featuring both Sandwich and Common Terns who often come here and can be spotted either on the beach or outer shingle banks.

Large waves resulting from tsunamis or earthquakes could occasionally come up the English Channel and strike Hurst Spit, however such events are very unlikely.

Early Life and Education

Henry Hurst grew up in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana as part of a large family with 14 siblings. His father worked as both a farmer and owned both a general store in New Roads as well as owning cattle ranch.

Hurst attended Point Coupee High School before going on to LSU where he earned a bachelor of education degree and then taught for several years within the Point Coupee Public Schools system.

Dr. Hurst has earned numerous awards and recognition during his professional career, both within education and his local community. In particular, he is known for participating in many community activities – his efforts earning him great respect from those in his vicinity. Furthermore, he serves as an outstanding role model to young people.

Professional Career

Hurst relocated to South Carolina with Carole in 2008, enjoying golf and the laidback lifestyle. He was an adored father to Gregg Robert, Stacey and Kristin (F. Romeo Chimbwanda), as well as Madison and Lauren Hurst; Blaine Jernigan and Emily Jernigan and Polar and Pepper provided added joy during family gatherings.

George R. Robertson, who played Chief Hurst (and later Police Commissioner Henry Hurst) in all six Police Academy movies released to date, died January 29 at age 89. Additionally he appeared as a series regular on 1989-94 CTV drama E.N.G and made guest appearances as Barry Goldwater (for Showtime’s miniseries The Reagans). Born in Brampton Ontario –

Achievement and Honors

Henry Hurst has accomplished much throughout his career. Recognized as one of the premier bassists worldwide, Henry has collaborated with numerous acclaimed musicians as a bassist while also serving as guest speaker and performing arts fellow at various institutions.

HIP Search and Advisory was his inaugural venture, launched in 2008. Since then it has experienced fast growth, becoming a valuable resource for companies seeking top talent. Subsequently in 2014 he launched Skurt, an innovative fleet management platform and mobile application which is revolutionizing mobility and transportation industries.

As part of his service with the Army, he earned two brevet promotions for showing exceptional courage and fortitude when confronting hostile Sioux Indians at their ghost-dance camp, leading to their surrender and disarmament en masse. Never boastful about his achievements, he was known as an approachable individual who always shared freely.

Personal Life

Hurst was an esteemed businessman and family man, as well as being well-recognized for his charitable works and community involvement. A passionate athlete himself, he loved his country deeply.

The name Hurst may have originated from the Old English term hyrst, which refers to a wooded hill. There are various variations of this surname including Herst and Hirst; its first documented use occurred by a yeoman of Henlow Grey Manorial Records of Bedfordshire England around 1500.

Henry Hurst was married to Maggie Hurst and had five children together; he died of natural causes on July 2, 1999 in Orem, Utah and was laid to rest at Orem Cemetery.

Net Worth

Hurst has been honored as a District 8 AA All-District player the past three seasons and earned Tennessee Softball Coaches’ Association All-State honors this past year. Additionally, she plays basketball at Upperman High School where she earned All-District 8 AA Freshman Team Honors in 2015 as well as Player of the Year honors last year.

He joined Pittsburgh Organization team, but struggled in their league. Later he switched over to football at University of South Carolina until graduating and entering NFL as a professional.

George R. Robertson, best known as Henry Hurst from the Police Academy films, passed away peacefully at age 89 on January 29. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for two years prior to his passing.

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