Henry Lau

Henry Lau – Biography, Net Worth and Other Facts

Henry Lau is a Canadian singer-composer-actor best known for being part of Super Junior-M (Chinese subunit of K-pop group Super Junior).

He speaks both English and Mandarin fluently, has studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and is an accomplished violinist.

Early Life and Education

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Lau won SM Entertainment Global Audition in 2006 and later joined Super Junior-M as a member. Since then he has also worked as part of their Noize Bank composition team; being multi-talented, Lau can sing, dance and play multiple instruments with ease.

Professional Career

Henry Lau has been working as a financial advisor for 12 years. Currently employed by Mercer Global Advisors and primarily serving clients in Colorado.

Attila is well known for his work with high net worth families and their related charitable entities. Furthermore, he is an experienced investment professional with expertise in asset management, tax-efficient strategies and the creation of comprehensive wealth management solutions.

He graduated from Boston’s Berklee school and now works as a singer, producer, composer and actor. Former member of K-pop boyband Super Junior-M and part of Noize Bank production team; acting debut was 2013 drama film Final Recipe with recent roles appearing in Double World Chinese action-fantasy film as well as DreamWorks A Dog’s Journey film projects.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Lau is a multi-talented musician, singer, dancer, rapper, record producer and actor who belongs to Super Junior-M. As part of his repertoire he plays violin, piano, guitar and electric violin. Additionally he produces songs for television dramas and artists and composes for Noize Bank alongside Gen Neo, Neil Nallas and Isaac Han. Fans affectionately refer to Henry Lau as their ‘Strings’.

He was selected at the 2006 SM Entertainment Global Audition in Toronto, Canada and attended Zion Heights Junior High School, North Toronto Collegiate Institute and A.Y. Jackson Secondary School before enrolling at Berklee College of Music to study Music composition. Furthermore, he has made appearances in Chinese films including A Dog’s Journey and Double World.

Personal Life

Henry Lau, born Henry Yu-Cantonese Lau, is a Canadian musician of Taiwanese-Cantonese descent. As a singer-songwriter-composer-actor he speaks three languages (English, Mandarin and Korean) while playing piano, guitar, violin and drums.

He made his acting debut in the drama film Final Recipe in 2017. Since then he has appeared in both Double World (Chinese action-fantasy film) and A Dog’s Journey (American film).

Henry Together is his YouTube series in which he collaborates with young musical prodigies, currently single and focused solely on his career. Additionally, he serves as an advisor with Mercer Global Advisors of Denver Colorado; having passed the Series 65 exam and registered to provide investment advice there; in his free time he enjoys snowboarding and is registered to provide such advice in Colorado.

Net Worth

Henry Lau is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $12 Million. He makes significant income through his career as a singer, actor and music composer.

He holds level 10 violin and piano playing certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Born in Toronto, Canada and having dual citizenship with South Korea.

Henry is an esteemed violinist, singer and actor who made his debut with Super Junior-M in 2008 before beginning his solo career in 2013 with Trap. Since then he has garnered extensive experience as an actor having featured in multiple television dramas and movies; becoming the first multi-faceted artist managed by Monster Entertainment global; appearing as both Double World (2018) in China as well as A Dog’s Journey (2019) respectively – though little information regarding his personal life has been shared publicly.

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