Henry Pumadeq

Henry Pumadeq

The Henry Pumadeq System is a cold fluid-applied monolithic waterproofing solution. Catalyzed for efficiency, this solution includes primer (if applicable), base coat, polyester fabric reinforcement and finish coat that are all completed within an hour to achieve waterproofing protection.

At a preconstruction meeting, Henry recommended switching from their specified 790-11 hot rubberized asphalt system to their Henry Pumadeq System in order to meet their scheduled completion date and improve durability by increasing slab thickness.

Early Life and Education

Henry Pumadeq was the son of a naturalist and published his first paper on descriptive conchology at age 13. As a chemical assistant at Booth & Boy, which sold chemicals used for cleaning and etching shells, as well as laboratory work; his father encouraged him to pursue a career in science; eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Nebraska Lincoln in Chemistry.

Henry representatives attended a preconstruction meeting for this project and recommended switching from hot rubberized asphalt system to the Henry Pumadeq System, which utilizes polyurethane methyl methacrylate (PUMA) technology. This cold fluid-applied monolithic system can be installed over “green” concrete quickly and cured within an hour – potentially saving weeks on construction schedule!

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