Henry Strawberry

Henry Strawberry

After suffering several setbacks with his drug abuse, Strawberry was granted another chance with the Yankees before 1995 season and this time Steinbrenner was determined to help him maintain sobriety.

Strawberry made a commitment to live a drug-free lifestyle and began doing well at bat – helping Shea Stadium fill its seats again – but his problems continued off of it.

Early Life and Education

Henry Strawberry was a hardworking postal clerk with many vices. Often intoxicated and violent when drunk, Henry would engage in violent drunken rages against Ruby as well as physically abusing their two children Darryl and Ronnie.

Strawberry was chosen first overall in the 1980 amateur draft by the Mets, who had never won a world series before then. His time with Lynchburg Mets (near his home in South Central Los Angeles), however, proved challenging and unfulfilling.

Due to his unreported income from card shows, he also got into trouble with the IRS for failing to report it; and then began using hard drugs again, leading him to violate probation in a drug treatment program before eventually ending up behind bars after violating probation; nonetheless he would eventually move past this dark past and become an effective member of the Mets in 1989.

Professional Career

Strawberry quickly established himself as one of the Mets’ star players following an outstanding rookie campaign and quickly established himself in their lineup. In 1986 he led them to record-setting 108 wins before eventually losing in seven games against Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.

In January 1990, Strawberry was arrested in Los Angeles after being accused of physically attacking and threatening Lisa with a firearm. He spent one year behind bars before being ordered to pay $2 Million in child support payments.

He signed with the Giants in June 1994 with promises to lead a drug-free lifestyle and helped them advance to the playoffs; however, in 1995 he hit only three homers before being released by the Yankees and returning later to play for St Paul Saints before rejoining them to win both World Series championships in 1996 and 1998 with him aboard.

Achievement and Honors

Students from Challenger Elementary earned top awards in America’s Freedom Festival, an optional contest run by a private foundation to promote traditional American values such as family, faith and freedom.

Strawberry was an outfielder for the New York Mets from 1983 to 1990 and became a household name due to his amazing skills and talent at baseball. However, his personal life was often turbulent with struggles over substance abuse and legal matters overshadowing any successes on the field.

Strawberry managed to recover and is now an advocate for addiction recovery, using his experiences to assist others. Strawberry is also a motivational speaker and author – his remarkable story testifies to the resilience and capacity for transformation found within every human spirit.

Personal Life

Strawberry’s remarkable baseball abilities were offset by his personal troubles, however. He experienced numerous run-ins with law and ultimately had to admit he had an alcohol dependency issue after being arrested in Los Angeles for assaulting his first wife. Furthermore, he abused cocaine and heroin.

After successfully completing an alcohol treatment program for one year, Strawberry was granted another chance by Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and went on to lead them to a World Series win in 1999.

Now, he hasn’t touched alcohol for 11 years and credits Tracy with turning him around. Together they wrote The Imperfect Marriage book of marriage advice which hits shelves this August; now living together peacefully in St. Peters Missouri.

Net Worth

Strawberry suffered from substance abuse, legal problems and health concerns that threatened to overshadow his accomplishments. Now he finds solace through advocacy work for addiction recovery; using his experiences to motivate others on their path toward wellness.

Strawberry played for 17 seasons for four teams — the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees — during which time he won three World Series Championships and earned seven All-Star selections.

He was married to Lisa Andrews from 1985-1993 and Charisse Strawberry from 1993-2006; Tracy Boulware whom he met through medication treatment center Tracy Boulware later moved in with him in St Charles County Missouri where they currently live together with four children: Diamond Strawberry, Jordan Strawberry, Jade Strawberry, and D. J. Strawberry.

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