Henry Sun

Henry Sun

Henry Sun is an interventional cardiologist with LifeBridge Health Cardiovascular Institute in Baltimore and has over two decades of experience working in cardiology.

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Early Life and Education

Henry Sun was born and raised in Garrison and New Town. He leaves behind his wife Jada Maria Sun, three children, and grandchildren; as well as being well-known drummer within the area playing rock/country music with local bands such as Rezin Dakota Drive Ree Ride.

He has published several articles and books, most recently “A Protestant Church in Communist China” from Bethlehem PA’s Lehigh University Press. Additionally, he has lectured widely from Fort Collins to Seoul.

LifeBridge Health’s Sun has earned national renown for his work in interventional cardiology, making an enormous impactful contribution to the advancement of our state healthcare system and an outstanding leader who knows how to best leverage resources.

Professional Career

Henry Sun is an interventional cardiologist with LifeBridge Health in Baltimore. His clinical and leadership expertise includes serving on the boards of directors at Landenberg Christian Academy, Sino-Canadian Management Institute and TRM – all NASDAQ companies – while sitting on both editorial boards of Journal of Political Marketing and Journal of Public Affairs journals.

He has presented his research on international political marketing at Oxford, Harvard, SciencesPo in Paris and Chinese universities including Peking University, Tsinghua and Fudan Universities. Additionally, he has published papers related to this subject matter.

He currently serves as an associate research professor of microbiology at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Las Vegas, studying microorganisms from extreme environments to investigate potential life on Mars.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Sun has conducted extensive research in International Political Marketing at various universities in both China and the USA. As a guest professor for RAI-Rothermere American Institute at Oxford, Harvard, SciencesPo and SciencesPo, as well as lecturing for Centre for American Studies Peking University and School of International Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences he has made notable contributions.

He is a recipient of numerous awards, such as the William Draper Medal given every four years to recognize outstanding investigations in astronomy physics, as well as being honored as a Fellow by the American Physical Society. At present he is working at Desert Research Institute studying extreme environments for signs of life on Mars; with degrees in botany and phycology from Nanjing University respectively.

Personal Life

Henry Sun is renowned expert in international political marketing and has published his work both in China and the US. As past president of Sino-Canadian Management Institute and currently sitting on various boards like Landenberg Christian Academy and Newark Symphony Orchestra – as well as serving on editorial boards such as Journal of Political Marketing and Journal of Public Affairs – Henry has become an international name in his field.

He has traveled widely, speaking fluent English, Japanese, and Korean languages. With an interest in East Asian history- particularly Korea- he received two Fulbright grants as well as fellowships at both Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies and University of Hawai’i’s West Center.

He is married and the proud parent of Cassandra. In his free time he loves traveling, camping and laughing out loud with his family.

Net Worth

Henry Cavill first rose to stardom with film adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo and Capture the Castle, but his breakthrough came with his role as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk on Showtime’s The Tudors series – becoming one of its stars and earning him numerous checks totalling several millions over time.

Spare has also contributed generously to charity, becoming a founding Board Member for WellChild – an organization providing support services for children with complex medical needs and their families nationwide.

Henry and Tom Werner acquired the Boston Red Sox in 2001 through New England Sports Ventures, an entity that holds an ownership interest of approximately 80% of NESN and Fenway Park as well as several real estate properties nearby.

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