HENRY VP100 – The Next Generation Vapor Permeable House Wrap

HENRY VP100 is an advanced vapor permeable air barrier designed for wood frame construction that offers improved protection from air leakage while acting as both rainproofing and water-resistance protection. With no air leakage to worry about and offering rain/water proofing capabilities as an added feature, this barrier also serves as rain/water resistance barrier.

Henry’s 1-2-3 Moisture Control System incorporates this self-sealing tape that seals around nail and screw holes to help seal gaps in OSB sheathing.

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Henry BlueSkin VP100 self-adhered water resistant air barrier membrane picks up where traditional housewraps leave off, eliminating air drafts and improving energy efficiency by sealing around nails and fasteners to provide lasting moisture protection. Perfect for new construction projects, Blueskin VP100 was engineered to withstand jobsite conditions as well as its 15 year warranty; guaranteed against wear-and-tear.

Water-resistant barriers offer greater moisture and water protection than their predecessors, and this product provides even more. Ideal for valleys, under ridge vents and other openings. Furthermore, its faster drying times make for simpler application and removal when necessary.

Visit Kuiken Brothers and learn about Henry BlueSkin VP100 self-adhered waterproof barrier, its benefits, and how it could assist your next project.

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Henry Blueskin VP100 house wrap generously contributed labor costs and all materials necessary for this project, providing a fully adhered, vapor permeable air barrier which eliminates air leakage while acting as rain/waterproof barrier for wood frame construction projects. Furthermore, this system self-seals penetrations/connectivities between materials; furthermore it uses Red List Free labels with Declare labels to provide important details regarding origin, composition, use/end of life etc.

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