Henry Walters

Henry Walters

Henry Walters was a rail magnate and art collector. With his father William Walters he introduced medieval art to Southern United States.

The Walters Art Museum still houses an extensive selection of medieval and Renaissance works as well as archeological finds in its collection.

Early Life and Education

Henry Walters was born into a prosperous family. His father, an acclaimed businessman who helped establish the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland was also known for collecting art; Henry followed in his father’s footsteps and became both an art collector and entrepreneur himself.

He moved to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1889 as general manager of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad; upon his father’s death in 1894 he eventually took on that post as well.

Walters and the Joneses enjoyed a close bond, often visiting Airlie near Wrightsville Sound for extended stays. According to historian Susan Taylor Block, Walters got along great with both sets of Joneses. He was considered a good friend and enjoyed entertaining guests; in addition to collecting medieval art which remains housed by museums today.

Professional Career

Walters excelled as a baseball pitcher during his heyday, winning 198 games over 3,104 innings pitched with 242 complete games, 42 shutouts, and 1,107 strikeouts – he even led efforts to establish players’ pension funds – arguably one of the first initiatives of its kind ever established in professional sports.

At his father’s Atlantic Coast Line railroad company in Wilmington, North Carolina, he became general manager in 1889. Following his father’s death in 1894, he took over presidency of the company and moved its headquarters to New York City.

He made his mark as an art collector by purchasing works both domestically and abroad, including ancient Near Eastern and Islamic pieces as well as key classical and Western medieval objects.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Walters (1848-1931) was an internationally renowned art collector and philanthropist, and in 1931 donated his collection to Baltimore. This donation resulted in what is today the Walters Art Museum (formerly Walters Art Gallery).

The museum strives to bring art and people together through free admission for all, essential programs that connect art to life, digitization of its collection works for free use, and digitization initiatives such as free high-resolution images available online.

Kelekian has long been collecting rare manuscripts, with his personal collection including illuminated Books of Hours. Additionally he is a falconer, beekeeper and teacher – his poems, translations and essays having appeared in journals like Asymptote, Iowa Review Online and Orion.

Personal Life

Henry Walters preferred to remain out of the limelight. A beekeeper, falconer and poet who spent time both in Ireland and Sicily; as well as an accomplished environmentalist and manager of a wildlife sanctuary.

At his heart was an important North Carolina pioneer: an organizer of the Atlantic Coast Line railroad system which brought great prosperity to North Carolina. Additionally, he was active in Wilmington civic affairs; indeed his portrait hangs proudly at city hall.

His passion for art was evident in his collection; medieval illuminated manuscripts were his favorite pieces to carry around with him. Later on in life he joined ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eat Out), meeting monthly with this organization until his untimely passing at home in Ellsworth on 12 December 2006. Bernice survived him along with two sisters and one nephew.

Net Worth

Mr. Gold was an art collector in Baltimore who opened a museum named in his honor. His collection included Egyptian bronzes, Byzantine silverware, medieval ivory carvings, and early Renaissance paintings.

He is estimated to be worth over $10 billion, making him the fifth-richest owner among MLB owners according to MLB Trade Rumors. Additionally, he co-owns a share of the Atlanta Braves along with Liberty Media Chairman John Malone.

Walters first tied the knot with business executive Robert Henry Katz on June 20, 1955; however, their marriage was annulled a few months later in 1957. She later married theatrical producer Lee Guber and adopted Jacqueline together with him in 1968. Walters has won multiple awards throughout her career including 3 Daytime Emmy Awards and 7 News and Documentary Emmy Awards as well as receiving a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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