Henry’s Airporter

Henry’s Airporter

Henry’s Airporter offers convenient shuttle services between Noosa, Eumundi markets and more. Book online today!

Contrary to his title, Henry does not sound angry on this CD; rather he simply seems bored with repeating old observationist jokes (Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus) that have become repetitive over time.

Professional Career

Henry-1 is Sonoma County’s rescue helicopter and available 24 hours a day to respond to requests for service. Henry and his crew specialize in extracting people stranded on cliff faces, ravines, swift water or ocean surf regions using long-line methods; rapidly transport seriously ill or injured patients directly to hospitals as medical studies demonstrate rapid transport significantly increases survival chances; pilot and crew have amassed thousands of flight hours between them.

Personal Life

Henry is an advocate for sustainable living and has spoken widely on this topic. Additionally, he enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with his family.

He is an active patron of museums and galleries, having supported them over many years; and is one of the founding members of the American Film Institute’s Los Angeles chapter. His artwork has been displayed internationally as well as published in books, magazines, and journals.

Henry has relationships with the Nolan, Gold and Swan families through his mother and grandmother; as well as adoption into the Mills family through Rumplestiltskin (known in that realm as Weaver). In season 9, he reconnects with Regina and Detective Rogers as well as helping to take down Victoria Belfrey while trying to win back Jacinda at a barcade game night.

Net Worth

Henry currently estimates his net worth to be approximately $911 thousand dollars, having made over four HTZ trades over recent years and most recently selling 500 units on August 26th at a profit of $7,5887.

Even amid his busy career, former Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger still finds time to give back and has participated in various charity events. He regularly supports The Prince’s Trust and also organizes football matches for One4All Foundation.

He resides in a large mansion in Boca Raton, Florida which was recently put up for sale at $25 million.

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